Hi everyone. Yesterday was Mother's day in Bolivia, and I wrote this with a deep feeling of gratitude. Hope you like it.

My grandmother's name is Andreina. She was born in a very small town far away from any city in the border of Cochabamba and Potosi. She and her family were indians of Cochabamba, who spoke Quechua. She married my grandfather, who came from another very small village in the border of Oruro and La Paz, who spoke Aymara. Andreina had seven children. She taught all of them well, and decided to move to the city of La Paz because she wanted all her children to study to have a better future.

This amazing woman, who spoke Quechua, Aymara and Spanish very well, could only attend the third grade in school But she knew that studying was the right thing to do. All of her children speak all three languages. All of them attended high school. Only one of them studied at the university at the right age. The rest studied technical courses and opened their own businesses. My mother was a widow very young and went to the US in order to send money to raise me. Beacuse poverty was harsh on all of us, you know.

From her I inherited the desire of making people's lives better. She was the one to open the first road to her village, to make water ponds for the animals to have water in dry seasons, and to plant trees all over the place so that people would have wood to build their homes.

But the best thing she did was to put the desire of studying inside of me. I studied no matter what. I had two kids that I was raising on my own, I had to pay all the bills, I had to work all day, I had to study at night. Many times I would not sleep for days. But I finished in exactly four years, being the second of my class in grades, in 1994.

And she did the same with my mother and my aunts and uncles. Last year, one of my aunts graduated from Law School .. she attended school at the same time her daughters did. And my beautiful and strong mother, has studied Journalism and graduated in 2002... and this year she's really busy, because she is finishing Law School!

THANKS GRANDMA, you are beautiful, you are loved, you guide us all from heaven.

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Yes , I agree with Sophei "That is very touching." Your writings touched me becasue I also have a grandma who is very old and have a little education but she inspired me to go ahead. She has been married since 12 but she never let her to be dominated women. She likes that women are trying to develop. I would like to all of those seniors behind the window who are encouraging us. Thanks a lot to share your grandma's story with us.

Be happy.



They are inspiring, loving, and they were always there for us. I miss her so much. God made things so I would not be near her when she passed away, as He knew that I would have melted down. I only tell you to adore her and let her know, while you still have her.

Love ya,


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it's good to see a tribute to a grandma, normally we give tribute to our mums and we forget about the person who made our mum what she is.My grandmum is in her nineties.She is a silent feminist by that i mean that she is one of those countless women who have survived all odds. Her strength and resilience makes her a feminist.