Fire in the building, fire in the building! Were the alarming words I heard after the strong noise of what ended up being four firemen big trucks, four police cars, and lots of men in uniform around us. The roof had caught fire and we needed to get out fast.

Some of us left without money, some of us without coats, some without cameras, but the beauty of being a team is that we provided for each other as needed. The fire was off really soon, we were not scared anymore, and we ended up building more friendship… wait… no, maybe that is not the proper name for such a beautiful thing… I will look for the right word later on in the trip, for now we are becoming best buddies…

And these best buddies did it again in Washington. We had a meeting with Women Thrive Worldwide (Hi Catalina, Hi Anu), where we learned, we shared and we got a new vision of what it is like to make new laws that will affect the whole world.

We learned why and how we must all support the passing of IVAWA (International Violence Against Women Act), so that no more girls around the world will suffer what we have suffered. Follow this link:

Sign up now! Let the world know of your support, be a proud woman who supports her sisters around the world with the integrity that is our daily benchmark.

Then we spoke in the Department of State. What an honor for all of us! We were able to speak our minds in front of three live audiences: Cote D´Ivore, Abdijan and Bolivia, and people in more than 20 countries were connected and sending questions and comments.

We were nervous, but Sunita enchanted them all with her beauty and her actions, Malaya hooked everyone´s attention with her story and I was able to answer questions from women and men who had gathered in the US embassy in La Paz who were proudly cheering me. I had never felt more humbled by the good vibes and the ripple effect that we have produced in our audiences that day.

We made new friends too. And we opened the possibility of broadcasting our news from our countries to the world. Awesome day.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to The International Violence Against Women Act.

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For the links and updates about the tour! And for posting the link to write to congress, I have passed it along!

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