About Me: Hello everyone! I am very excited to join this new resource and remain at your orders for anything you wish. I have worked in different social projects for the last fifteen years. I like being involved with community issues and my motivation in life is to make women realize their dreams. The hardest work, though, is to make them realize they can and they actually do have DREAMS. I believe in new technologies and wish that they can be used to connect the ones who need to get something with the ones who need to give (opportunities or anything else), in a simple, sensitive and truthful way.

My Passions: To make things happen.

My Challenges: To get my message through.

My Vision for the Future: I am working on programs that are designed and fitted for women to create their own richness, in the ways they dream it.

My Areas of Expertise: Small and medium businesses, housing and job creation.

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Hi Jackie,

I am very happy to include you in my friends' network. To answer your question, I do not have any children of my own. At 23, I will very much look forward, one day, to having children who I may guide into caring, compassionate, informed, and educated adults; in the meantime, I remain focused on coming into my own adulthood :)

Warm Regards from Canada,