All of the VOF correspondents will be bright stars that will show part of their lives and souls in the process of presenting us with the news relevant to this feminine world movement. So here are some considerations that have to do with their empowerment process as well as my own. Men and women have passed through my life teaching me valuable lessons. I thank God for what they have brought and let them go with the blessing of God. Although many times learning lessons means to wear your feelings out on your sleeve, crying, laughing, and working hard to get over the bad times, these lessons make you powerful. They make you see when you have to hush in order to say and mean more. They also give you the strength to stand up every time you fall, but above all, they make the path you need to follow clear and free from obstacles. By learning through experience you become aware of the way people around you should reflect your love for life, your joy and your efforts to make the earth a place worth to be in. According to recent data released by the World Bank, one out of five women around the world will be suffering from hunger within the age ranges of 18-25 and 50-70. This means there are two ages that increase the danger of being hungry and poor: when you are raising young siblings and when you are old and alone. This also means that we need to work harder with girls before 18 and women from 40 to 50 mainly, to empower them. By browsing the World Pulse web page, I have gathered a small sample of ages of the women who present their stories to us. Amazingly, from 50 stories that I searched which contain some information about ages, 70% (35 ladies), are ranked in the most perilous ages. According to the World Bank release, from this total 90% are in risk to present one or more of the following social flaws: risk of being poor, being left alone, losing their homes, or breaking up their marriage. This means that at least 33 women out of 50 from my sample will suffer one or more of these problems. So, the results of our writing here are not only measurable in terms of how many stories we can put in the web, but in terms of how many lives we can touch, or how many hardship situations we can prevent from happening. Talking about the solutions that have worked for you can help others realize their potential, increase their success and finally get happiness to be a real part of their journey. It may seem unimportant to talk about your feelings, to tell your sadness and share your experience, but when you think about the number of women around the world who will be listening, whose lives can experiment a change in behavior through your interaction, it makes the effort worthwhile, because you could easily be reaching some thousands of souls, and your words will remain here as long as this media is alive. But that is not the turning point. The real turning point comes around when you realize that you (if young enough) are part of the group of women in jeopardy, or if not right now, in some years you will also reach the other end of the rope, so to speak. In that moment you can really grasp the meaning of being part of this community, as you are, or could be, the person who is in jeopardy . Remember that learning from your own experience is fine, but learning from the experience of others is awesome, and you don’t need to go through the pain! Every correspondent will have the chance to reach her own empowerment and keep herself away from the group in jeopardy, but most importantly will be able to shower each gal who reads the journals with the beauty of her true colors, which will hopefully prevent others to fall into the category of women in peril.

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You have painted a vivid picture of what it's going to be like as we go on with our journey as women, and how we can add colors to make the picture more beautiful.

Your insights and data are well put in your journal.

Thank you Jacqueline!

love, katea

Poverty is man-made that we can undo.

Dear Katea:

When you reach out, you are not part of the problem anymore, but part of the solution. That is why it is important to have a plateau like this one, where we can discuss our beliefs and our news in a vivid way.

Thanks for reading!


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America

I love the image I get from reading your post. I can see beautiful visions of my goals in life and in every water surface, whether a puddle, a pond or the ocean itself there is reflected the stories and love of the woman here.

Wouldn't it be great if we can help other people avoid the pain we have felt ourselves? Or even to show those in pain right now that with a little faith and hard work it can change into something much better!

Empowerment, I used to feel, what was what happened to those lucky ones who somehow magically had it given to them but as I have grown stronger and believed more in myself I see it is what we do for ourselves and each other. Too many woman find themselves feeling alone or isolated and I love that this place exists and they can get the chance to meet the wonderful woman here like I have and feel what I feel when reading everyone's posts.

I love your strong spirit and hope you can always find some time to come share with us.



Dear María:

The beauty of you being here, the beauty of having you as a friend, empower me to continue the path of writing.

It is very nice to have you near me.

Lots of love,


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America

The truth can be scary but its better to face it now than when its too late. The statistics you have given are a great eye opener for us to start making positive changes now, and that is why am very much interested in empowering the girl child and especially so the school drop outs. They fall under the bracket of 12-20 years. Some may have been forced into early marriage and so the vicious cycle of poverty continues.

We do have alot of work to do as women if we are to come out victorious and what better place to begin than in WorldPulse.

Bravo Jackie, Carol

Dear Carole:

You are right when you say we need to work on these issues soonest. All the support we give from this plateau to the projects being carried out in underpriviledged areas will have a huge impact. Why? Because the first step to helping is knowing about the problem and sharing potential solutions, one woman at a time, makes a real difference.

Best wishes,


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America

Hi Jackie,

I just got done reading your post and I just wanted to thank you for the research you shared and your empowering words. It is obvious that you have been working on social projects for the last 15 years and your wisdom comes out through your words. I really like the point you make about how sharing past experiences can really serve to help woman currently going though a similar experience to the one you have shared. I'm curious what you do for work now?

Thanks for sharing!


Your presumption is right. I have worked in different NGOs, non profits and other social institutions for about 17 years now. I just read your profile and find it interesting that we have the same background: Business Management as a BS and, instead of leadership studies, I have post graduate courses in local development with a gender scope, TQM, and education for post graduate studies.

I think the business management background gives us a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many girls and women who strive for better income. It is my experience that when you get involved with real women, although not easy at all, all outcomes are very rewarding from the personal development point of view. So if you get to choose this path, you will never be alone, as it is easy to make lots of friends in the communities you serve.

Thanks for reading!



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America