Our journey in Pulsewire has been fun in every way up to here, and needs to still be, so we need to create a way of bonding and moving on at the same time, that will make us feel even better about our participation, regardless of being chosen as correspondents or not.

As I got Jensine's post today, and thought about writing a thank you note I came up with an idea that could bring us together once again. Here I transcribe the post, and ask you for your kind feedback.

Hi Jensine,

Thanks for taking the time to reach out. I was thinking, just today, that once the list is released, many of us will be sad not to make it, and the ones who get to be correspondents will also feel a bit sad for the rest who didn't. So, maybe this is just the beginning of a new relationship between the women who get called up and the ones who don't. I mean, it would be very nice that we reunite in some way, like say, 'Event Highlights Open House', where we could all write in a special page about the things that brought us closer, so it can become like our scrapbook from the experience.

I think we all have had such a good time together that besides mourning for not being chosen, we should also be able to congratulate and feel truly happy for the ones who are, and also leave our mark of 'I was here' in a place that would become something like our 'mourning wall' but full of jokes and good feelings and virtual hugs and love.

Warm Regards,


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Jackie, what a heartwarming thought. I think this is a wonderful idea and encourage you to start a group for all the VOF applicants. I see it as a sisterhood of your rising voices. To start a group: • Under the PulseWire Tools menu on the right side of all PulseWire pages, hold your mouse over "Sharing Solutions." The menu will open up. Click on "Create a Group." • Enter the Group name. • Briefly, write the purpose for the group.

I would then post an entry in the VOF group journal so that all the participants will know about your new group. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with. I realize that many members are feeling at a loss after the first phase ended and this would be a great way for you all to continue connecting and sharing ideas.

Thank you for your wonderful support of many members and great enthusiasm. It is a joy to have you as a member. Janice PulseWire Community Director

this a great opportunity for us to express your thought. to reveal about different situation around the world. I would love to join this group.

by pearld (not verified)

Hello Jackie,

I have been out of touch for a few weeks now and it feels so great to be in correspondence with other World Pulse members again. How are you? I love reading your stories, they are so filled with passion and life. At times, I feel that I am only existing, day-to-day living the same routine, alone. My life was so different when I lived in Belgium for two short years. I, like you shared so many stories of my life of working and traveling, or the shocking news that never is told in America and about the people that I met. I felt so alive, even if it was not so easy at times.

So yes, a group to keep in-touch. I believe you recently sent me an invitation to one, but I could not find it. Maybe it is just through our personal pages and sharing stories? I have to admit, I have been exhausted from my job, but like many thousands upon thousands of Americans, I too just lost my job last Friday. Not a good situation for me at all, but I will figure something out to survive this ;-) Let me know more about this group.

Kindest regards, Theresa

Dear Theresa,

It is very nice having you around again. The group's name is VOF FANS, and you can reach it in two ways: You can click on 'accept' to the new invitation I just sent to you, or you can go to Pulse Wire Home, check out the square with the title of GROUPS, click on it, and follow the pages until you reach VOF FANS, click there and then click 'Join this group'.

I am sorry to hear about your job. Why don't you write about this? It will help you ease all that anxiety inside of you. Also, tell me about what you used to do. If you want to, you can use my private email to tell me about it.

Look forward to hearing from you.

A hug and lots of love,


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