Surprisingly enough, he had been happy for me when I got the call to be a correspondent. He was always telling me how happy he was for me. Until he exploded: 'You don't pay any attention to me anymore! I will destroy your computer! I am the first husband to be beaten by a computer! This instrument of malicious separation from my wife! All these were more or less his words.

No, it is not just any freak, it is indeed, MY HUSBAND.

I smiled at him, I hugged him, I said sweet words, and he calmed down.

What can I say? What do I do?

What do you think?

Help me. Please.

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Jackie, I just wanna say, your husband is really sweet. It sooooooooo cute!!! But please, tell him don't destroy your computer! hahaha. Well, I guess, you really should have time with him alone too so he won't feel jealous. Spend quality time with him regularly. I can imagine how it feels like, even if I can only relate to it on the level of girlfriend-boyfriend relationship. When I'm with my boyfriend, he is not allowed to use his mobile phone! :) Just talk to your husband and assure him all the time that you love him more.

hugs, katea

Poverty is man-made that we can undo.

I have had the same problem, Jackie when photo editing on my computer. I can spend hours at a time working on my images and sometimes I get the sense that my husband is feeling ignored. So, I just set it down and wait for a time when he's busy doing something else or when he is at work (which is practically all the time). So maybe just work using a little moderation. At first, I was thinking that being a correspondent probably shouldn't require more than an hour a day - but then I read the VOF program description and see that there are many layers to this exciting opportunity. Good luck with finding the balance :-) It's not such a bad thing that your husband seeks your attention and affection :-) Open communication is the key!

Lili Miller

Dear Fatima,

There is a small problem, as he does not speak English ... at all!

But he browses sometimes. He just doesn't understand anything, so he leaves.

But thanks for the comment anyway. It is much appreciated, my dear friend.

Warm regards,


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America

Hi Jackie!

I know how "jealous" spouses sometimes become even with non living things for need of more attention!

If your husband does no know English that should not be a barrier from joining PulseWire! We have a translate page bar at the top of the right hand corner and he can PulseWire in one of the languages that he's most comfortable in.Ohhh...i'd love to see him here and read his posts,he sounds like a great guy!

All the best,


Your husband is a lucky man...sharing what is precious is never easy. So important to make sure our most intimate circle knows they are loved with attention, time, and heart. I have no doubt that you are a master at that. I like the idea of him joining PulseWire- he could ignite the men of Bolivia to join in on this spirited ride.