Gertrude, Sunita, Malaya, Dando, Nusrat and myself have said YES to the conformation of the Team of six finalists for VOF. We want to act as a team and support each other no matter who makes it to the top three.

Yes, we are happy finalists, but we want to use the time before the top three are anounced to make a reflexion about our place in the community and the way we feel about this, and most of all, to put our hands together as a supportive team that will be there for the longest time possible.

We don't want to miss the target. We want to change the world and the six of us will represent this community always, everywhere, and will support the top three to make their paths clear and smooth in every way possible for us.

We thank you all for being with us, for your support and for helping us make the top three LIVE the difference that will make them big and strong: a team work experience within an awesome community.

It is each one of you that we reflect, we are humbled to be here and receive your blessings.

With love and appreciation,

The Team of Six

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It has been a long journey and i thank God for the far you have all come. May you continue to inspire us all with your writing and sharing. All the very best to the six of you!


Terry Shiundu