Being a leader also means that you have to be selfless,fearless and a risk taker. My work invloves living and working in conflict zones. Last year i worked in one of the Asian countries(Not the real Asia),women thrive hard to come out and be in positions of Authority but the culture doesnt permit them. One colleague explained to me how her father accompanied her when she did the interview for that job and that he was still accompanying her to work. A woman with no goals would give up but she kept going and going, she explained to me that she has to go through all that because perhaps one day she would be able to be part of the group that will change everything in their setting.

In the same context, women had to come to work with their babies, the organisation has a kindergaten and nannies to take care of these babies .These mothers come in from time to time to Nurse them. Actually most of these women were not really working for money.Most of them said that they were afraid if they didnt work no one was going to .They wanted to be able to provide medical services to fellow women and children

In the picture attached, i had gone to the Kindergaten to pay a visit and see how things were going.Kindergaten Administration was part of my job.

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Dear Jaqi, Thank you for your journal. This journal is good! I know new roles of being a leader. I understand selfless, fearless and taking risk are important parts of being leader.

Thank you.

Dear Hikarlie, i am glad to hear that. I will be uncovering more of my experiences with Women,what they do and what we can all do. To me ,we women are born leaders, we just have to be given a platform to exercise this leadership or rather we have to create this platform.