Wow! I was excited when I received my first letter and then I received another one! A few days after that I received another one!!! I have three in total. Not sure if any more are coming :) I have replied to all three and look forward very much to sharing our stories. My mother was so excited when I received my letters that she wants to write to a grandmother like herself. She doesn't want to join the group as she has a pace maker and is not allowed near computers. I have added her letter in the envelope with one of mine and asked that it be given to a grandmother or mother of her age (70). I hope this is within the protocol. It was so lovely that my mother was inspired to join me in this experience. She even suggested that we go to Kenya together in the future! Who would have thought that the bonding experience between women in Kenya would have also helped bond my own mother and me! I hope she gets a letter back also as it would truly light her world. Thank you for the experience and the wonderful women that have made this possible. Blessings to all. In love and light always Jataia

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thank you jataia for your wonderful entry. I am happy that your 70 year old mother has joined the rafiki club

we now have the youngest being 5 years old daughter and the oldest being 70 years old we breaking not only the divide of space, time nad culture but also of age. women and girls together making a diference. i am sure that mamma will find a rafiki. It was a good thing to include her letter in yours and i believe the coordinators will do the necessary as the Rafiki receives it. Please give a big warm hug to mamma and tell her Jambo!! you are welcome to Kenya whe you can. I also warmly welcome her to the Rafiki Club