Hello again everyone

I have such a yearning lately to "just go" and visit my Rafikis and do some volunteer work with women and youth. When I get on the internet and look at volunteer programs in other countries I get disheartened at the cost/fees of the programs. As the cost of travelling, insurance and time off work is already high, it makes it very challenging financially to pay such high costs to be a part of a program on top of everything else. I am wondering if the Rafiki Club would consider organising a volunteer program for the Rafiki women outside of Africa to come and volunteer for our Rafikis in Africa for a period of a week or more. The volunteers can teach English, share information and knowledge and just hang out. I am happy to help with organising this if it is something that we as a club would all be interested in. I would love to hear others thoughts on this and Mama Rafikis :) In love and light always Jataia

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Dear Jataia

This is wonderful idea. Actually we are on the same page as I am constructing the rafiki tours to be a tour with impact such that The rafikis can participate in 21 day work camp and together we may look for a woman in the rafiki program or in the community who needs help that we (Both rafiki abroad and rafiki in kenya) can participate in such as Building a house for an underpriviledged female headed household etc.

I think that we can all pull resources and since project Africa is organizing similar events it may be within our capacity. In the mean time if you would like to volunteer In the rafiki Program you are also welcome. You can stay at the Project Africa mission Houses. Currently we have 5 volunteers in Kenya. Two in lungalunga and three in Kakamega. Please visit out website www.projectforafrica.org for volunteer information. It costs around USD 750 per month. this covers your accomodation in the mission house, food and airport pick up and drop off. Swahili lessons and community safari.

Our newest volunteers arrived in Kenya last friday 19th June and travelled to lungalunga/ kakamega yesterday. Am anxiously waiting to hear their report later today but am sure they are excited. One of the volunteers serving in Lunaglunga is from sweden, she is a civil engineer by profession she will be doing mentorship of the sistars girls aged 8-17 and coming up with a Sistars action Team after her four months stay. the other from USA is a Business administartion student in the USA she is mentoring women on business skills and mico crediting,

In Kakamega, one volunteer from sweden will be teaching English in the Adult education class and will work with us to get rafiki working smoothly. The other two are students from Duke University in the USA and are working on separate programs. One is organising a camp for teenage mothers to be held during our sistar camp in August while the other is also working on Rafiki program and has suggested that Local rafikis can write letters to each other from one centre/club to another. so we are making progress and you are welcome as wel


Thank you Mama Africa, I am so impressed and delighted with what Project Africa is doing and achieving. I checked out the website and I love the diversity of the program. Is there a possibility of all the Rafikis coming together (who-ever can make it) in Africa, for a Rafaki Forum to discuss the on-going possibility of Rafiki Volunteer Programs and for a celebration of what has been achieved so far? What an awesome event that would be to have all (or most) of us together, face to face meeting, learning and celebrating with each other. It could be an annual ball, 'THE ANNUAL RAFIKI BALL'. It can be a fundraising event also. We could hold a forum through the day to discuss the future and have the event at night. This would create many opportunities for the Rafiki Program and for Project Africa. Not to mention how empowering it will be for all women involved. We can have a lot of media coverage which will support the cause. I am very excited about the possibilities that are presenting themselves for the Rafiki Club and Project Africa. I look forward to hearing from anyone else that feels this passion also. In love and light always Jataia

I am so excited about this idea and am thrilled that plans are already in place for volunteers to participate in Project Africa's programmes. I would also be happy to help out where I can. Keep us posted mamaAfrica and I look forward to hearing about the first tours.

Jataia, do you have an idea of when you might go?

I am hoping to go as soon as financially possible for me Janice. My husband are in the midst of big changes in our lives as far as moving and career changes. It may be Janice that I will have the opportunity to work with Mama Africa to organise a volunteer Rafiki program which may take a little time and then hopefully I can go over there and help out. In my heart I am ready to go now :) My vision is women empowering women which is what Project Africa is doing. I would love to see a volunteer group of women that travel around the world visiting all the womens groups and programs to share the love and information from every group to every other group, connecting us all, so to speak. One day, small steps I hear :) Thank you for you reply and support Janice. In love and light always Jataia


I have only just joined this group but I would love to volunteer :) As it says on my profile, it is my goal to travel around the world helping to empower women & children to believe in themselves. However, I am a full-time student with zero income, so I may have to wait a long time before I can travel anywhere. But I will definitely keep this in mind! :)

Peace & Love Jen