Posted April 19, 2009 from Australia

Every time I read or hear a story of women being raped and abused by these men that hide behind there so called religious beliefs, that don't even support these atrocities in any of the scriptures, I find it hard to contain my anger. I perceive these beings as weak and of the dark. They live in a fish bowl that does not know truth. How is it that in todays society around the world that these atrocities still go on??? I could never understand how World War II and all of those killings ever happened either! Have we all, as a collective energy of the light, become too complacant? We need to be more vigilant and aware. We need to take action with focus and intent. There is a dark force out there and it is very destructive and feeds off the chaos. You can call it what you will, my truth is it can only be of the dark as anyone of the light cannot carry out any of these atrocities. It is time we all wake up, everyone of the light, become vigilant and focus on love and light around the planet with pure intent. Do not underestimate the power of love, the power of the light or even the power of yourself. Anything that is done with love and pure intent for the highest good of all is more powerful than you can ever realise at this time. You can call this prayer or meditation or just a complete awareness with action and intent. They all work. It is a pure energy that we can all bring down and spread around the world. Even if you think this sounds wacky, try it anyway. THe more of us that do this the more powerful it is. The dark cannot survive in the light. When you shine a torch it is no longer dark is it not? When I stand before someone or in a situation that I don't feel comfortable in I protect myself, by visualising myself in a ball of white light. All of this is called energy work and it is very powerful and is always to be used for the highest good of all. Even the scientists are now recognising this energy and the effects of it just as we all accept other energies that we can't see yet we know they are there such as x-rays, electricity, sound and light. Lets work as a collective force of pure energy for the highest good of all. In love and light always Jataia

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  • aliĝngix
    Apr 19, 2009
    Apr 19, 2009

    Right behind you on that. Mom says one bad energy attracts a hundred more, and all of these carry hundred more each. So, each positive action and thought following behind you there. Ignorance is just as bad as being negative, and this should be remedied too, in my opinion, the fish bowl. Your thoughts are interesting, so thanks for sharing.

  • jataia
    Apr 19, 2009
    Apr 19, 2009

    Hi there Aligngix

    Thank you for your comments. I absolutely agree that ignorance should be remedied which I feel is what a lot of these posts are about, providing information and knowledge. Information and knowledge are very powerful. I am not sure that I agree that ignorance is just as bad as being negative though I would have to assess each situation. I believe it is the intent that needs to be considered. Many people are ignorant of other countries cultures and can offend without intent. For instance if a man tries to shake the hand of a woman that is Muslim this is an offence although I am sure it would not have been intended if the man was ignorant of there culture and religion. If he deliberately wanted to offend then that is different. Children are being used as pawns in some countries to fight wars and I am sure they are ignorant of what is truly right and wrong as they are brought up to believe it is right. They are kept 'in the dark' by their people. Some beliefs are so deeply ingrained within a whole country. Certainly their actions are negative. Any action that creates harm with intent I would deem not of the light. Certainly not an action of love. This is why I focus on the light and spread it around the world as it is a powerful energy and can light up the dark and help create awareness. I hope I am making some sense :) In love and light always Jataia