Grieving the loss of my 2 beautiful feline friends at the hands of an abusive caregiver has devastated me beyond belief. But the ensuing miracles over the last 3 years have given me moments for much pleasurable pause and seeing my world with new eyes. The experience of this loss and the transformation has helped me better understand the betrayal of trust and how our lives can be forever changed, especially in the area of human trafficking of women and children against their wills. Does anyone hear their calls for help? My life is beginning to unfold in ways amazing to me as this pain I feel takes a new direction in fulfilling my God-given purpose!! Becoming a voice for the voiceless is the call on my life! Exactly nine months after this loss, a picture of "Pretty Princess" appeared in the local newspaper from the local Animal Control. This caught my eye as one of my cats was named "Princess". I had to see her!!! She had the same name and had the coloring of the other one!! She winked at me...that means affection! I gave her life and she gave mine back to me. Before this, I was greeted every week at the counselor's office by another matching calico feline!!! This experience has taught me much about myself and my own distorted thinking and what I needed to do for myself to recover a life that was out of control more than I wanted to admit. This experience has been a most painful lesson as all the aches of past griefs and loss of a child came tumbling down upon me. PRINCESS GRACE IS MY MIRACLE TO TEACH ME MORE ABOUT LOVIING AND FORGIVING MYSELF AND MOVING PERSONAL PAIN INTO THE HEALING OF THE WORLD!!

written by Jaxie

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my husband and I lived overseas many years ago. We had a small kitten we loved -- he felt like our best friend in a time when we were doing our best to immerse in a new culture. One day he ran under my husband's foot as he was going down the steps and before it could be stopped, the tiny kitten's neck was broken and he died instantly. We both cried all day long. Later in the day, the chief's wife came to our door holding a sugar sack. She made the appropriate clapping sound to enter and shuffled on her knees into the center of the room. She opened the sack, and THERE was our kitten! It was identical to the one who had died -- a sibling apparently that she had found in the village. It felt like a miracle in much the way you describe yours. I loved reading your story because it reminded me of that feeling of vulnerability, of attachment, of loss and then in the end of a way to come back into balance and appreciation for all that is there for us.


Jazzy, thank you for sharing your story. I have two cats who really are my companions, so I can imagine how devastated you were when your cats died.

Dear Jazzy,

This is a lovely story. I believe we have miracles of all kinds every day in our lives. Would like to hear about your other miracles. Thank you for sharing. Aloha, Beverly