María Chavez
Posted August 11, 2014 from Argentina

About Me:

Life was very generous to me. I had obstacles and difficulties but I could develop transformers and resilient skills which I learn every day. I was born in a humble and hardworking family. I could study and graduate of social communicator in college. Parallel I felt the need to help and learn from the poorest and most vulnerable of northern suburbs communities in my province. It was there where I was born my great social vocation. In 2003 I founded one NGO to institutionalize all individual and collective efforts to transform society into a more just and caring. I started being a teacher of a journalism workshop for teenagers from the slum called "La Cava". In 2005 ACEJ was legally created. In 2008 I was happy to participate in the film project of ACEJ that was called "Guys Rolling : We are not dangerous, we are in danger." Teens of journalism workshop that I was coordinating, asked me the need for make visible their true reality, very different from the reality cast by the hegemonic media. Media link the youth of the poorest neighborhoods with the insecurity, violence, crime and the most negative characteristics. Then they wanted to tell the reality of their neighborhoods. They wanted to tell the difficulty of living in poverty and neglect. Show the daily efforts of the most vulnerable communities. They work, study, undertake and want to be better people every day. They call on the society and the state to be included and not be discriminated against. It was a beautiful project. Today, ACEJ develops Centers of Social Inclusion in the poorest neighborhoods in the north suburbs of Buenos Aires where more than 400 children, adolescents and youth receive daily educational workshops, art, snack, computing, sports and social containment . We founded a network of entrepreneurs in the Social and Solidarity Economy, led by women in the most vulnerable communities. Receive microloans and training in self-management to escape poverty and improve their quality of life. We are shooting the documentary film "Quiet Revolution" which recounts the positive and transformative experiences of Social Economy in Latin America. The most recent program is the development of secondary schools to promote school completion. All our projects are characterized on social, economic, political and educational empowerment of the most marginalized and poor communities in the province. Day after day, are improving their quality of life through its active and committed participation in our programs. We keep dreaming of a just and caring society, because we believe that change is possible.

My Passions: My family, my home, social work in the NGO melting, sports, travel and experience other cultures, reading, cooking, natural outdoors.

My Challenges: I think I'm a positive leader in my ong Because I Helped to development of human teams very committed. I am a person who STRIVES-committed in all areas of life. I try to learn every day. I think the indivual and collective development is important.

My Vision for the Future: Change is always possible. I see The future encouraging to whether there is a present of awareness, work and global cooperation. Poverty and neglect is the big problem of the world. This should be resolved with political will and respect for human rights.

My Areas of Expertise: Cinema consciousness, Microfinance, Human Derehos, Social Inclusion, Training Policy

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  • Yvette Warren
    Aug 12, 2014
    Aug 12, 2014

    Welcome to World Pulse, J. We are so happy to add your many areas of expertise regarding empowerment through education to our network.

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    I look forward to hearing more of your voice in WorldPulse.

    Continue to be a blessing. Yvette