Open Letter to Women

Jean Forbes
Posted March 8, 2018 from Jamaica



Dear Sister,

As I listen and read the news I know like me you want to gather your children close and never let them out into this dangerous world. We cannot do this. They will wander off with or without our permission for they are not ours, but life's longing for continuity.

Therefore we have to strive to make this world a better place. A place where we do not sacrifice our children, scarcely out of the cradles, on the altar of expediency. This is in our hands. For it is the women of the world, the nurturers of the future who build the type of world we want. So I need you to promise the world the following:

`         As of this day I will bring up my girl children to be strong independent women, who will demand that any man who wishes to build a life with them understand that they will do so with respect. That they demand that men understand that I, woman, do not have to prove my womanhood by bringing children into this world. That when I, woman do decide to bring a child into the world it will be a willing collaboration - male, female and the Lord and giver of life. That when I woman, do bring this precious life into the world I will do all to protect and grow it so that when I have to answer to the Lord, he will say "well done".

`         That I will bring up my boy children to respect women. To be all the things I want in a perfect man. That I will tell him that scattering his seed far a wide is the mark of an animal not a man. I will tell him that the mark of a man is the nurturing of the seed, so that it will grow to make him proud. And, if I no longer love the father, I will allow my child his father, whatever he is. For it is in understanding human fatherhood that he will understand the fatherhood of God. I will not therefore denigrate his father or curse my child with the sins of the father. I will remember that if I do that often enough he will believe and fulfill the prophecy. I will show him the power of love, peace and a certainty of his identity and his right to occupy this place at this time.

  • I will bring up my children with a sense of God. So that when the evils of the world try to seduce and entice, they can say no. So that when the trials of the world overwhelm, they have someone to reach out to. So that in a world gone mad they will be certain that there are safe arms to provide a haven of unconditional love and understanding.

`         I will teach my children that rights without restrictions is license, and that since license infringes the rights of others this is the path to envy, degradation and war.

`         I will love all children as I my own. That means that I will wish them all well, even the children of those I cannot like. Visiting the sins of the parent on the child is the way to what we have today. In this way I will be certain that my children are safe, for just as I parent and care theirs someone else will be doing the same for mine

`         I will be independent, so that I will have to take nothing that is not given freely and in love. That means I will learn the trades of my mother. I will remember how she could conjure a living out of scraps. I will learn to crochet, and tat and sew and plant and all things that produce gifts and goods of beauty and love, that are uniquely mine and my country's.

`         I will share with my sister. And my sister will be the woman who needs my love and understanding at the moment.

`         I will be woman born of earth, kissed by the Maker. The peaceful presence that rocks the cradle of the future and waters the earth with occasional tears so that the barren earth will yield its beauty.


Jean Forbes

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