Jean Forbes
Posted November 30, 2018 from Jamaica

What Gives me Hope.

My reason for hope is the number of women who are standing tall and demanding their right to be the best they can be with their God given talents. It is not that they are totally rejecting their heritage. It is that they are rejecting they are rejecting the ancient taboos that are irrelevant and hold females hostage ad cowering in terror.

And females of this generation are not the only ones that are held hostage. This generation realizes that rules that dictate how each sex must behave and deem one sex greater than the other doom both sexes to a lifetime of unhappiness. Unhappy males, unable to live up to the unrealistic macho unrealities loose their humanity in alcohol and violence. Unhappy females cower or resort to behind the scenes manipulation of males and females who they see as challenges to their webs of dominance and self serving power. It is not for nothing that witches are female and the highest level of insult to a woman is to be called a "bitch".

Today's generation of women are coming out of the harems and the closets and the mind numbing corners of illiteracy and poverty. Like the Sabine Women of old they are sloughing their skin of meekness and subservience and saying enough! No more will we cower in the anger and resentment that comes with accepting the bonds of societal norms. No more will we stay in this box that forbids us to chase our dreams however unusual, and to love ourselves so that we can love others. We will reach out for the happiness of fulfillment and completion we deserve.  This fulfillment we demand as part of our human rights, whether it is written or not. As part of this, females are demanding the right to pause from the daily grind, every once in a while to sit and ponder the joyous mysteries of life. And in this safe and peaceful place allow the butterfly of happiness to flutter and for a time rest peacefully on our shoulder.

In the tranquility of these moments this new generation of females also free our males to stop chasing some ancient symbol of maleness and to be who they were designed to be. To find happiness in their humanity instead of challenge in the low hanging fruit of female fulfillment and happiness. To triumph in the joy of equality and peace  the equality of partnership brings. 

As humans we may not be their yet, but each sunrise, each incremental step forward brings me and my generation the warmth of hope.

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Kay Link
Nov 30
Nov 30

What a wonderful writer you are, Jean! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely words of hope.

Corine Milano
Nov 30
Nov 30

Hello Jean - nice to meet you and thank you for posting your beautiful thoughts on what gives you hope. I just took a look at your profile and see you joined the World Pulse community all the way back in 2011!! I'm glad you've started sharing your voice with us. Here's an official welcome!

Dec 02
Dec 02

Hi Jean,

Thanks for sharing your beautiful story on what gives you hope. I love it:-) My favorite passage is: "And in this safe and peaceful place allow the butterfly of happiness to flutter and for a time rest peacefully on our shoulder."

Good luck with your submission. Hope you have a great day!

Jacqueline Namutaawe

Hey Jean you have given me hope and thanks for the write up.

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