September 10 is observed as Suicide Prevention Day throughout the world. But the day has had no significance for the farmers of India. Though India is on its way to becoming an industrial country, more than half the population is dependent on agriculture. Failed monsoons, extremely low prices for the produce and exploitative middlemen and hard-to-get loans, pushed farmers deeper and deeper into debts. Unable to face the situation, farmers have been taking their own lives. This phenomenon was brought to light by P. Sainath, an eminent journalist with a leading daily. Five regions have been the worst affected. With wide media coverage, state (regional) governments have been trying to tackle the situation, but the problem continues. The men farmers commit suicide, unable to bear the debt burden. But what future for the wife and children? Wife can work as a daily wage labourer and the family can sustain on a single meal a day. The children cannot go to school. And the cycle continues.

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Dear Jency,

Thank you for highlighting this cycle of poverty and suicide for farmers in rural India. I agree, that in thinking about suicide, rarely if never do we think of farmers or other laborers living in extreme poverty, who take their own life in desperation of lack of opportunities for a future free of debt. We must begin to change that.

Can you share the link to P. Sainath's orginal article?

In friendship and solidarity, Jade

Hi Jade,

Good to hear from you.

What you say is very true. Sainath has written extensively. I will send a few links in a couple of days.

Rgds Jency