Waking the Raging Dragon...

Jennifer Brier
Posted October 12, 2010 from United States
I only first learned about World Pulse a few weeks ago shortly before VOF 2010 was launched. I was completely amazed when I first logged in and saw all the opportunities to reach out to women globally. I wasn’t quite sure where to start and, to be honest, I was terrified. Most of my previous ‘actions’ as an agent of change took place in a military role or in a very private healing environment when I was serving as a counselor. When I searched the profiles of all the on World Pulse I found no other veterans of the Armed Forces but I was deeply inspired by the many women who are taking leadership roles within the areas of international studies, women studies, NGOs, etc. I was surprised to find that I felt ‘out of my league’ and stepping onto the front lines of women’s empowerment was a terrifying step for me. I needed my first blog to affirm my fearlessness.

“I am fearless and I want to be on the front lines of global change.”

My fears are not quite gone, but I’m getting there... As I moved forward, I realized that in the past, I identified my ‘power’ through my effectiveness in fitting into a man’s world and through definitions based in masculine values. When I wanted to be successful at changing the world I aligned myself with one of the most masculine organizations in existence-the Marine Corps. I now have learned to define and know my power, strength, and worth because I am a woman-not despite being a woman. Redefining my way of viewing my own empowerment was essential for my personal wellness. I see myself assisting other women in knowing this authentic truth for themselves. I see myself writing to redefine citizenship and warriorship based in values grounded in our womanhood.

I have always dreamed of effecting the world and creating change through writing and World Pulse has given me the opportunity to step into my dream and begin. As a Voice of the Future I see myself...

~Challenging American women to explore what it means to express their patriotism grounded in their feminine wisdom

~Sparking a deeper dialog around defining American women’s ‘duty’ to be a global citizen.

~Activating the raging dragon in my sisters who are frozen in masculine structures that are traumatizing and marginalizing them.

~ Shattering the current warrior ethos and redefining warriorship grounded in feminine wisdom and bringing about a deeper understanding of global conflict resolution.

~Affirming that the ceilings DO NOT have to shred us to pieces when we smash through them! Advocating for ourselves as women does not negate or limit our effectiveness.

~Encourage more evolutionary partnerships grounded in our own feminine wisdom, truth, and values.

The most essential and fundamental solution to challenge American cultures, communities, and institutions that continue to contribute to women’s traumatizations and marginalizations both domestically and globally is helping women become more connected to their authentic feminine wisdom. A woman who is grounded in their own truth automatically challenges and the environment that she is a part. I long to deepen this exploration in the hearts of American women.

When speaking of the American Dream Langston Hughes wrote...

An ever-living seed, Its dream Lies deep in the heart of me. --Langston Hughes

I believe in the potential of the American Dream deep within my soul. I believe in the essence of the American Dream to be a healing force in the world. My unyielding faith in the American Dream is what led me to join the military and more importantly is what leads me today to face my fears of being on these front lines-the front lines of women’s empowerment. My truest vision for myself and my writing is waking up the raging dragon in America and ground her actions domestically and globally in the collective feminine wisdom. Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision

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  • suzanna of c
    Oct 14, 2010
    Oct 14, 2010


    I never expected to pull out a listener assignment to find a woman in the American Military. I am blown away and think it is great. Most of us women in the U.S. have not had that life experience to bring to the well. That is how I see us, gathered around the well, understanding resources, the well of life. This was so clearly written...the ideas of redefining the warrior ethos, seeing the raging dragon with fire breathe for creativity. You have a good way of saying "Being a woman is a very good thing."...I thank you for your thoughts, clear purpose and intense energy.


  • Laura in Portland
    Oct 15, 2010
    Oct 15, 2010

    Dear Jennifer,

    You have a strong voice and obviously have a lot of personal experience living what you hope to change. I wish you all the best as you continue towards your goal.