The deadline for Week One Assignment is Tuesday, March 24th. Of all typos to make, how confusing to make it the date! Please accept my apology for my second typo. We will get this right together.

Love, Jennifer

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I guess the deadline is over or will soon be over. Will we get our scores :) I mean after evaluation. And how many of us ( members) are actually participating.



With best wishes, 

Nusrat Ara

WorldPulse Community Champion 

Environment Group 


We are just finishing putting the final touches on Week 2, which will be posted to the site by the end of today. By the end today, we will also be sending our Listeners their assignments to evaluate. Each Listener has been asked to give feedback directly to the applicants.

In continuing partnership, Jennifer

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

Hello Jenny

Thanks for the invitation to join. I have long accepted and I even sent my assignment in yesterday through my pulsewire group jornal. maybe Iam being confused by all the technology. I failed to subscribe through the subscription page because it says its now a closed group. Is it possible for you to transfer my assignment to this group. Please send me instructions on how to join and whether you have received my assignment. Am so confused by the technology world but hope I will emerge a more empowered woman at the end


"Its not by might nor by power, but by my spitrit , says the Lord"


I am not sure why you are still not part of the group, so I have asked Ankur, our Technology Director, to look into this. In the meantime, your assignment is in good hands and will be evaluated by a Listener. Continue to participate and we will figure out the technical hiccup.

Love, Jennifer

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

Hi Jennifer,

Hope you are ok. Introduction to WEB 2.0 and Citizen Journalism i posted on 22nd March 2009 at If mine World pulse Voices of our Future Applicant you never received then there must be a greater confusion. Please it would be very unforunate especially form me cos' I have sent alot of money on CYBERCAFES trying to type Introducion to WEB 2.0 and i made sure i sent iit on 22nd March at 8.41am before the said deadline 24th March 2009.

Please my sister, do something. I dont want to be left out the first week i have been waiting for the outcome.

Thanks for your Cooperation Teresa Voices of our Future Applicant Kenya

TERESA KAGECHA i would like to use the new password and email to participate in the WORLDPULSE VIEWS - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MOBILISING


I am thrilled to confirm that we received your assignment. Thank you for submitting it!

A courtesy reminder will go out to all 574 group members each week. However, if you see your assignment on the site, you can trust that we do, too! But, please do not hesitate to reach out again and confirm that we received it. We don't want anyone to worry!

Love, Jennifer

p.s. your assignment is here:

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

Hallow Jennipher, was found off side as guest from USA were visiting our project and was not able to email it on time. Should I proceed and email my week one.

Rgds Gichuki