Who knew that a brown envelope would make my heart soar so high as the one I received this week did! I love the way Laura described finding her letter.... for me the letter came in the the midst of bills and junk mail. A priceless jewel. A newly forged connection across the continents and oceans.

I cannot wait to write me letter back this weekend. Oh, thank you, MamaAfrika!

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Thank you Jennifer

Glad that you too received that brown envelop with words of empowerment from A small rural village in Kenya. I must say that it is not only us abroad waiting anxiously to receive our letters but also the women In Kenya. On friday for instance women in Rafiki Lungalunga waited at the ir local post office to see the batch of letters delivered by the post office van and they immediately asked their coordinator to find out if their replies are back. But there was only one letter meant for Project Africa Office.

It is my greatest joy to see this project impacting our lives Long Live rafiki Long live Mother Africa