Dear Beloved Applicants,

As the hours dwindle down for Week 3, I feel a range of emotions – joyous, eager, sad, curious, inspired, impressed, humbled, determined, and above all, love – caused by the chorus of voices emanating from the pages of PulseWire. What an honor to witness the wide range of voices that are uniquely YOU. Thank you for showing up so fully.

If you have not turned in Week 3's assignment yet, there's still time! 11:59pm Honolulu Standard Time is still hours away!

Thank you for continuing on this journey with us. It may feel that it is drawing near its end, but in reality, the journey has just begun.

Love, Jennifer

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hi jennifer, thank you for your continued posts and reminders! we all appreciate it. i posted my entry california time, 12:04am, april 8th, and just wanted to make sure it wouldn't be counted as late since we are 3 hours ahead of hawaii here. i know i am being super paranoid, but just wanting to let you know. thanks for your patience. :)

best, rucha

Hello Jennifer & All -

I regret that I missed the deadline. I usually do the assignments late Tues. evenings (late in the day, I know, but it's the time I have allotted) and submit right before deadline. This time I got hung up, and missed it (sigh). I'll submit something today for Assign 3, and take the snap on the nose . . . (LOL!)

Sandra M.