I have an exciting update! I am waiting on confirmation from only one more mentor! I want to thank each of you for your for patience. I know you are as excited to meet your mentors as they are to meet you!

As soon as I have received confirmation, I will be emailing your welcome manuals, your pairings, and your love letters. By early next week we will also be putting some goodies in the snail mail for you. Do not worry, though. You will have everything you need to get started next week.



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Jennifer, I love your profile picture...

sometimes the mailing things will not reach my hous, so I wish to know if it wouold be possible for things to be mailed at my working place?

And is there any option I can send you my address without posting it for everyone's view?

Thank you for all what you do!


Victoria VorosciucProject Coordinator"Empowering women to participatein community life"WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

Hey Jennifer...

We all cant thank you enough for putting this all together and making our journey this exciting...We are of course waiting for the packets and for June 1...

Lots of love Khushbu

Khushbu Agrawal

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you so much for your efforts to hold our hand together in this journey. I have found the most loving and caring community as a world pulse. As others, I am also waiting for my packets and june program. Cute picture. I like it.

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Thanks for all the work you are doing. I am not clear about the statement "putting some goodies in the snail mail" did u mean our postal address, if so , I am not sure whether I did sent my postal address to you. And if am required to sent my postal address, which email should i use to send it to?

Have a blessed day and God bless you and everyone.


Hi Jennifer, I have the same problem Victoria does, the mails will probably not get to my home address. Is there a way I can send in another address without displaying it for everyone's view? Thank you so much.