I heard from a little birdie that Shiku Steve completed a 56K race yesterday in Nairobi. GO, SHIKU!

Tell me Sole Sistas. Do you have a current goal you are trying to reach? My goal is to run the Portland Marathon in October and raise money for Voices of Our Future!

What are your goals? The Sole Sistas want to know!


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Just wrote a comment that my 56kays was in Capetown,it was Sotokoto marathon which was in Nairobi.Your run was September not October...we need an explanation for the changes:) hope you aint chickening out! I never run without a goal-funny coz everytime I register for a big race,something crucial crops up.This time,I single jobless mother of two pleaded for help.Her 13 months old boy is ailing,he need urgent heart surgery which will cost her kshs.550 .She is desperlatly looking for funds,Iam determined to raise whatever I will towards the treatment. my goal is to sweat for her baby.

with Love Shiku


Great that you will be running the Portland Marathon. Watching and cheering on friends and family who have run in the last few years, inspiring.

Good for you!