Dear Beloved Correspondents,

I am just about to start emailing each of you an introduction to your mentors plus send you your welcome manuals! I have thrills and chills plus an itsy bitsy bit of anxiety. Pulling all the details together has made a bit dizzy (delightfully so!), so I am worried about silly mistakes. If something feels off, such as the email was sent to Joanne and her mentor, but the attached love letter is from mamaAfrica, simply respond and we'll get it fixed.

Here is what you should receive:

Welcome manual for Correspondents Welcome manual for Mentors Your love letters to each other Contact list - please confirm your address and email me corrections. (I don't think the survey worked so well for collecting addresses.)

What's next? At the top of next week, I will post Chapter One of the curriculum. If it is not ready by Monday, I will send an email notification.

Have a great time meeting your mentors!!!!!

Love, Jennifer

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Received my welcome pack, cannot imagine how hard you are working for us but can imagine how much we love you.

Thank you once again, as we board the bus for the great journey.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https: