Dearest Correspondents,

Can you believe we are in our home stretch!? This post is going to be short as it 4:56pm and Jonah awaits his chariot! Rushing out the door is how I feel about Voices of Our Future right now... rushing around to give you a spectacular final month, while gearing up for what happens next.

Without further delay, here is the learning material and assignment for our final month of this phase of Voices of Our Future. We kept it light so you can focus on what you need to do—WRITE!

I will provide a more full update tomorrow, including the schedule for the next round of conference calls, but since it is almost Wednesday morning where many of you are, I am anxious to get this posted.

Chapter Six: Feature Stories

Final assignment: Write a Feature Story

With much love, Jennifer

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Jennifer am curious about the title, I wondered what the post was all about untill I ready through. Is it ok if it ready final assignment?

thanks! with hugz

It's hard being away from him all day. When we get home, all he wants is constant attention from mommy and daddy. Although it's easy to give him love, it's hard to give him the attention he "demands" and also cook dinner, wash the dishes, clean up his toys, do the laundry.... thank goodness Shawn cooks!

The "welldone" goes to you and other ladies. You inspire each and every day.

Love, Jennifer

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations