At World Pulse HQ, I am often called a mother hen because of my role with Voices of Our Future. I have the honor of working intimately with over 60 women on a new program that is literally transforming the potential of Web 2.0 and Citizen Journalism right before our eyes.

Voices of Our Future is providing rigorous training to 31 women across the globe in storytelling and citizen journalism, including how to perform rapid-response reporting via cell phone and how to write Op-Ed stories. Each correspondent has also been matched with a personal empowerment coach, is receiving real-time feedback for their writing from professional writers, journalists, and editors, and will have writings published in World Pulse magazines.

Today my heart is soaring. The correspondents have been posting their first writing assignments over the past week. The assignment was to interview a female activist as well as share a best practice or solution she learned from her interviewee. Women News Network picked up an article written by our very own Gertrude (cad_communication) that describes how one woman is providing support to children and families impacted by HIV and AIDS.

Next, I had the divine pleasure of reading Gifty Pearl's story of meeting her mentor, Kathy, in Ghana. "Kathy and I chorused as we embraced each other warmly for minutes at the reception of Airside hotel-Accra, Ghana. Are we hugging each other for real? This question dropped in my mind uninvited. Yes, we were."

After Gifty's story I thought nothing could top an already glorious morning, and then, I saw Arda's assignment in Voices Rising. After what I imagine were a few dark nights of the soul for Arda, where she doubted her ability to participate in Voices of Our Future, it feels as though she acknowledged her doubts and said, "Thank you, but no thanks, I think I will continue." We are so excited for Arda — and every Correspondent, who is on this journey on the frontiers of Web 2.0 and new media with us.

I hope you will take the time to get to know the Correspondents and read their stories. I hope that you, too, will dive into this incredible community and connect with your sisters across oceans, mountains, continents, and borders. As Jensine just wrote in her journal, we are birthing a new world together.

In Spirited Partnership,


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I am so glad that Gertrude got his assignment into Women News Network! These are wonderful news. I have read almost all of the articles, but just yesterday and today I have had enough time to post comments. I will review them again soon. Life is hectic these days.

Hugs to you, beautiful.


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America

Ayekoo! Jennifer, "Ayeko" means well done or congratulations in Twi (a local dialet of Akan in Ghana).

I am touched by your experience. i have been reading your post over and over again. Thanks for sharing. it has so many lessons to pick-the power of voices, connections and belief and above all it gives us hope of greater experiences, beautiful stories yet to write and millions of lives yet to be transformed.

When i started this programme, i didnt even know i was applying for something until the last assigment VOF 4. i just got interested in the weekly assignmnets that gave me the opportunity to let the world hear my voice ,dreams and vision. i will be sharing my Pulsewire Journey as well.

Thank you for your time, sacrifice, dedication and your creativity in helping us become who we really want and dream of becoming. Many thanks to Jonah for letting us have you sometimes.

Thank you Jensine for employing Jennifer Ruwart. With Love, Gifty

Gifty Pearl Abenaab Founder Greight Foundation

I just wanted to say that your light is bursting through our community right now ! I have no doubt that millions of lives will be touched by our collective work and truthtelling. As for Jennifer, we are so lucky that Jonah lets us steal her sometimes, aren't we? She is more than a mother hen - she is a fierce bear mama, and she will protect her cubs - and the VOF correspondents with her every cell she has in her body! World Pulse would not be where we are today with out her, of that there is no doubt. Thank you for your generous comments and appreciation to all those around you. Love,

Jensine Larsen World Pulse

Jensiene hi, I am always excited hearing your beautiful voice. i know all my fellow correspondents are happy too. It makes us feel you more.

i am happy i can show some light. Challenge people and encourage voices to be heard more making all of us feel alive and active.

As for Jennifer, she is a gifted -allow me to borrow your words-"fierce bear mama".

Jonah is also touching lives secretly as he allows us to steal Jennifer to fuel us to touch many lives through this programme. i will send him some Ghanaian Chocolates soon.

Thanks for passing by to send comments. i wish you a great WorldPulse day! Love you, Gifty Love you

Gifty Pearl Abenaab Founder Greight Foundation

So nice to hear about Gertrude's post....its incredible..i mean the kind of forum you guys have created....

Thank you our Mother Hen for the kind of work you are doing...for blessing us with love and friendship..

Love to all


Khushbu Agrawal