Greetings from the Voices of Our Future Applicants Group! You are receiving this email to confirm your participation in the World Pulse Voices of Our Future application process. We are thrilled that you have decided to embark on this journey with us to the frontiers of new media and women's empowerment.

I don't remember joining this group. What is Voices of Our Future? Voices of Our Future is a program for emerging grassroots women leaders who will learn to speak for ourselves to the world using Web 2.0; face barriers and challenges to achieving our dreams through empowerment coaching; and raise awareness about the real issues we, our families and communities face through publication in World Pulse magazines.

This sounds exciting! What is the application process?

* The application is a month-long open process - starting on March 15th! - that embodies the spirit of Web 2.0. * During the month applicants will be given a series of easy assignments to complete on PulseWire. * An international panel of women will be evaluating your assignments. * Up to thirty Correspondents will be invited to participate in this innovative and exciting program.

We are aware that this process may be intimidating for any of us unfamiliar with social networking sites and/or presenting our work in such a public forum. World Pulse online community managers will be actively supporting and nurturing the voices during the month-long process, so each candidate is given the love and support they might need to rise to their fullest potential.

What do I do until March 15th? Don't wait! Dive in and connect with women - and our allies - from around the globe. Tell your own unique story on PulseWire—the next one featured in our magazine could be yours!

My English is not very good. What about language? Our built-in Google translation service will translate your contributions so all members can read and respond to your posts. Additionally, if you know someone who would serve as your translator, please feel encouraged and supported to post in both your native language and in translated English as well.

To read full program details and benefits: To learn more about the application process and stay up-to-date on announcements and assignments: For all other questions or if you do not intend to apply to this program, please e-mail Leah and Jennifer at

Sound your trumpet! We're listening.

In spirited partnership, Jennifer, Leah and the entire World Pulse team

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Hi All I am so proud to join your group after overcoming some difficulties with technical problem. This is my first online application without a supervisor and I felt confused to go to next steps. At that time I was so nervous to miss this great opportunity and I have been before the internet and asked help from some people and tried myself several times for solution.My internet communication skill is just basic and today I couldn't be happier because of this achievement.This is my first benefit the program has expected. You are worthy to be honored! I am warmly welcome to your continuous in touch and would like to listen to your voices. I am also very willing to share my experience and feelings in next posts. I hope you will read my journal .See you soon.

Big Joy


Congratulations on Very Happy Teachers Day through ten years journey!

When I was given the assignment I was thinking about a special woman and she appeared in my mind immediately She is a well known writer and very strong activist in various communities . Her several writings make me cry for the various struggling people . One if her novel was translated and published in Japan . And during the interview I heard lots of interesting things from her as I expected which I would like to share them with World Pulse community. She is Ms. Than Myint Aung .

Hello my respectful sister , I am grateful to you for giving me this wonderful chance to hear your achievements in supporting commitments in our community. Since you are a successful writer and motivated activist , I would like to hear your remarkable experiences and your views on the ways of achievement. I would gladly like you to know this interview is designed to sent to the World Pulse which is an organization helping and supporting women empowerment through online training around the world.

Q First of all I would like to know how you became a writer.

A I have been using the author's name Than Myint Aung since 1987. I wrote my first short story ' Television Suffering ' in Tune Yin May magazine( Woman's magazine) and I mostly write real life based stories and later I write short stories and articles about society in magazines and journals. In 1995 I wrote a short stories book and I have written three novels , eleven short stories books , the compile of articles named the fields of social and charity and ten medium stories with other writers so far.

Q It's really impressive and I am so glad to hear that . Especially on behalf of the World Pulse since they are supporters of the writers and I am sure they also like to read your writings. Now could you let us know the humanitarian activities you are committing ?

A Yes , I support the needs of the students at monastic schools and nan's schools and I am also providing students moral and ethic courses there. And I established and have been running a fees free school for ten years . For health care, I set up the projects fight against HIV/ AIDS and leprosy diseases. and taking care of the infected people. I also established a livelihood project for their families too. I am doing these activities on my own. collaborating with media and a famous monk' Ashin Zawana' accordingly. In 2000, I participated with writers and artists doing the research of modern therapy for the mental health care at the Hospital of Mental Health Care. For the orphans in the community I am supporting the orphanages and I also set up an orphanage with my friends who have in common for the children of HIV/ AIDS infected And we also set up an elderly center for the elderly with no support and suffering illness . And for their illness they need special care which other centers difficult to provide. So my friends and I set up a center called Sizar Yeik (Shelter of the Dawn ) . And I have organized a Green Lover Team as an income generation for the women , fund raisers and environmental care takers for the natural products made from fruits and vegetables And I am also providing environmental education sessions as well. I am am also supporting Chairman U Kyaw Thu from Free Funeral Service Society as a Secretary.

Q I am really proud of you on these wonderful commitments. Now could you share your findings and measurement of the achievements with your projects?

A In my opinion ]Collaborating 'plays the crucial role in doing charity works for the society . The first example is the teachers in my free school ' Aung Myay ( Victory Land ) are vital elements for the future of the students . They provide their technical support and I support other needs . Now we have already helped more than three hundred students who cannot afford for their education expense and we can help them to be high school graduates . And also with the physicians , liberal arts and fine arts communities , writers and social activity colleagues , we could be able to establish to set up a center for HIV/AIDS infected children. We started with thinking of a two years old infected child and when we received another three children , we believed that it was surely necessary to establish a center for them. Now we have been caring sixty infected children. They are having complete child right and parents like care . Another point is international and local collaborating at Free Funeral Service Society and Thu Kha Charity Clinic . Donors from domestic and other countries and medical professionals contributing their financial and technical supports to the community for the funeral services and general health care. The services are being provided at the same place and the education project for the young and adult learners has been extended there for English language and drawing classes. These achievements are clearly positive outcomes of kind collaborating of the professionals and other supporters , I am really proud of a lour Myanmar actor leader and my involvement as a woman. And our special care for the unhealthy elderly come from the streets , along the railway track and the smallest public shelters like night security shelters are one of the -rarely-seens in the community . We are taking care of ten elderly , two blinds , three strokes , one curve back bone , one broken leged , motionless with diabetes and two attendant less elderly from a hospital. We are taking care of them with feeding, hygiene , toileting and regular help with giving medicals. These show our love and valuing of elderly people and supports for their last moments with peace and happiness. Our next achievement is with Green Love Team . In 2000 I studied environmental protection food and general consume production protection and their rights . natural fertilizer and organic plantation , micro finance and other community development studies in Cambodia, Thai and Malaysia . When I arrived in Myanmar I established GLT with other two trainees from the courses and other enthusiasts . We are teaching how to produce chemical free products like shampoo, facial cleansing and laundry soaps which are made from fruits . We are providing the courses especially to charity centers and organizations , unemployed people from Nargis effected regions and NGOs . The goals of the project are to be safer , healthier and cheaper with the products made from fruits plants and vegetables than using chemical products and making income and raising fund with these products. One of our achievements from this project is at the monastic charity center with over six hundred children of different ethnic groups. Their products are become widely used in the community and they are going to extend their markets .Another goal is that to avoid from being dependent from donations and to be independent with their income . This can also lead to reduce the unemployment .

Q It's really notable to hear from you and you are sincerely honored . For this time I would like to know some challenges you have met in your effort.

A We always have challenges and we have to pay many things to overcome these challenges . I have to give up my beliefs and some close friends for my commitments to be accomplished . I had got from beloved ones hatred and was accuse of wrong things. What I have to do is having resistance on those things and I believe that I have to be brave to overcome the challenges.

Q Thank you so much Ms. Than Myint Aung and I am really really proud of you on you great commitment to the community and your success being a well known writer . You are definitely a powerful woman . As a last chance for today I would like to hear your voice for the women community around the world.

A. We women are heart of our fully love . I strongly believe our noble hearts can create to change every injustice in the world society and make a beautiful world

Congratulations on Very Happy Teachers Day through ten years journey!