Introducing myself and my journal: Outspoken &dynamic woman leader in Vanuatu

Viregagaru Ligo
Posted February 6, 2009 from Vanuatu

About Me:My name is Viregagaru Ligo Jenny. I am a Free Lance woman Artivist in Human rights, Gender, Governance and Women's Development. I have invloved in Women's work for the last thirtee n years. I am a strong woman who is not afraid to raise my voice on issues affecting women and children and their families. I am also very good in building relationship with other races. I am a christian woman.

My Passions:To have a bright future for my family and my country

My Challenges:Not achieving my goals

My Vision for the Future:To have a healthy and peaceful life for every human

My Areas of Expertise:Adviser in Gender, Governance and Women's Development

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  • Viregagaru Ligo
    Feb 06, 2009
    Feb 06, 2009

    Vanuatu as a country got its independent in 1980. since then women's profile in Vanuatu in Parliament has not grown to its expectation. Women face a lot of problems like other countries in the world. Women tried very hard. since independence till now we have about five women who have made it to parliament. Recent elections has shown that women has to work hard to get to the top. We now have only one woman MP in Parliament. One of our problems in this country is women do not support women when it comes to election time. We are talking about change but the women or voters do not vote for women during elections. There are too much division among women and women have too much jealous of themselves that they cannot promote one of them or their sister to be up there.

    I have contested the Vanuatu National election in 2008 and did not win my seat for Parliament because I did not get enough support from women and many women did not vote for me. They decide to vote for their male candidate. As Vanuatu is a male dominated country.

    Despite that I beleive that women should continue and do more awareness in the country and try to lobby more women at the community level to take advantage of the traditional system and mobilise through it. But it has to be done carefully taking into account the structures and ways of the community or village life.

    I know that many countries in the world are facing the same problems but I admire what OBAMA, the President of the USA did. He appointed his own competitor Hilary Clinton as secretary of State. This is Victorious and very very proud of him. That is what all Leaders round the world espercially those in the front line should do! That is a PRAISE GOD!

  • Jennifer Ruwart
    Feb 06, 2009
    Feb 06, 2009

    "There are too much division among women and women have too much jealous of themselves that they cannot promote one of them or their sister to be up there."

    I think that during the 70's and 80's - when women were just starting to gain a foot hold on the corporate and government ladders in the US - we did not support each other either. My impression - I was not in the workforce then, but later worked with women who were products of the feminist movement - is that the ladder was slippery and treacherous... that gaining even one foothold was so challenging and consuming that it left little room for anything else. Women were trying to succeed In a male-dominated world where feminine traits were scorned and punished.

    I look back and remember early days in corporate America. I remember feeling and observing what you describe above. Women coming into our power was threatening to male and female alike.

    But, I think we are on the cusp of a new, feminine era that gives room for a new doctrine. A new doctrine of love, support, nurturing, admiration, silliness, empowerment, collaboration, joy, abundance.... where leadership, authority and "power" sing to a new chord! Where the pie is big enough for all our visions!

    Thanks for sharing and listening to my thoughts.

    In sisterhood, Jennifer