To All,

I am smiling because we received so many powerful and moving responses to our HOT TOPIC. WOW!!! If you haven't yet spoken up about your views I encourage you to do so now. We are continuing to listen and we will form your wisdom into a policy for our community guidelines. Together we will ensure that PulseWire remains a safe and vibrant space for women and the men who partner with us. So we can all take our head wraps off, our baseball caps, our masks that we wear on the streets -- and keep it real. Keep supporting each other. And keep growing into a powerful movement of collective voices that will transform the world.

Love, Jensine Larsen World Pulse Founder

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as all my sisters have said it every organisation needs to have some rules which must be followed strictly. as for me i think ones a person sends an offending or insulting message or any message inflicting some pain psychologically to another person measures should be taken. such a person needs fisrt to be written to enquiring the main purpose of his or her joining the worldpulse and the reason behind the offending letter. if there is no good reason they should be given first warning and second and if then there is no change then an action should be taken. as for me i think as much as we want to share and raise our voices one should check carefully what is contained in the letter and i dont see the reason why a site that is meant to help one should use it to give others hard time. its time we take responsibility of what we do and write

Hi Jensine,

I don't know if this is the right place to comment, but i'm sorry i wasn't able to respond earlier. I believe every website/organization has some rules that people ought to abide by if they want to be part of it. World Pulse is very unique because it gives us a platform to comment and write our thoughts feelings and all, usually without much follow up. It is upon each member to be reasonable and responsible to write that which edifies and builds up others and not material that is insulting or offensive. Its a place that so far i have found safe and very 'welcoming'. For us to keep it that way i think it will be good to come up with a policy document that all members sign to when they join, so that anyone that breaks the rules by either insulting another or writing obscenities, be removed immediately because i don't think such a person joins the forum with the right motives.

This is just my honest opinion, we should not sacrifice the joy most of us have experienced at World Pulse just because of one person who doesn't seem to flow with the 'voice' of the rest! We're all a great team and we should keep it that way. Yes, we all have different opinions over issues, but its important if one feels strongly against something, they should respectfully convey the same.



Terry Shiundu