At last our full group of mothers, daughters, visionaries and leaders have gathered in the bustling, steamy city of Phenom Penh. I'm awakening now, on the second day, to the sound of birds and deepening sunrise, knowing that delicous dragonfruit awaits - as well as as the voices of more incredible women.

My ears, eyes and heart are still ringing from yesterday -- walking the grounds of genocide where torture is in the dust, and you can hear the echoes of children crying ----- and then circling around the soaring voice of one of CAmbodia's most prominent women - Mu Sochua. What a tigress for women she is! I can taste her vision, her yearnings for the country's renewal.....and we all shared our stories, and what brought us to this moment. There was a spiral of connection - and the soul of World Pulse was in everyone's breath.

From there, to the waters of the great river, waves of children, a moon almost full -- exhaustion of so many raw moments...and the joy of being in each others company.

What will day two bring?? Love, Jensine

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Dearest Jensine, Loung, magical circle.

My heart skipped a beat to receive your first entry as my thoughts have been with you all in transit. I can hear and see and feel through your words and sense the deep witnessing you are already undertaking.

Took the week to do a health retreat and medical testing with no access to email starting tomorrow but will do my best to find a way to log on by Friday!!

May each day bring illuminated hearts and enlivened embodiment, My heart walks with you. All my love Ellen

So good to see even just the tiny square photo of your face present online here! Your presence is felt and your name mentioned with love! I am roomies with Loung who misses you so much. You are so much the reason for all of us being here at all - for this I am so grateful to you. Stay well and soak in where you are now. xo ila

Ila Asplund

Half Sky Journeys

Investing in women through meaningful travel

Jensine, thank you for keeping the team updated from all the way in Cambodia! What a thrill to read your words on PulseWire and to hear from both you and Ila that the experience is even more magical, energizing, and inspiring than we could have hoped!

Many hugs and kisses to you and the whole group!

xo Corine