Today we went to a hospital called Katalemwa Cheshire. It is rehabilitation home for kids with disabilities of all kinds:mental impairments, broken limbs, physical deformities, some others have burns and so many others that I can't name. We normally go out there to play games with the kids, share a word from the bible, sing some songs with them. among all the projects we go to, it is the most challenging of all the projects and if you are a kind of person who can not hold onto your tears, you can let them flow until you leave the place.

I know myself as a strong and brave lady, but today was one of the most hard times to me of all the days I have been going to the hospital, so we had to do crafts,and there is this specific boy young boy called Sabirl, he was in a group i was taking charge of, so as I was giving out papers to the other kids, I didn't cross my hear that he could write but luckily enough the friends around told me that he was able to. The teacher told me to position well to make it easier for him to draw whatever he wanted to. Sabirl told me that he wanted to use his arms to draw but according to my understanding then, there was no way he would do it since he had no fingers and the limbs were way to short to enable him draw, however he managed to draw with the help of his mouth, Oh my goodness at this point I could not hold my tears any more and I didn't want to show him that I was crying but he perfectly knew what he was doing.

I felt I had to share this with the whole world that it is quite important to show love and care to such people because they are worth loving and caring for. I was so impressed and at the same time heartbroken. I had to consolemyself by accepting that it was the way God created Him, so my task should be to love Sabirl. At this moment am so taken up by him and I want to go back and spend some good time with him. I guess I will see him next week.

Love you all and thank you so much for taking time to read this. Blessings

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Hi sister! I'm so touched! This really makes us realize that angels come in different forms - one in the form of a disabled little boy who makes us appreciate what we have and amazes us by what he can do despite what he doesn't have, another is in the form of someone like you who can show so much compassion and take the time and the effort to be right there where you are most needed! My salute, sister! You are an angel!

Always, Emie Zozobrado

Hello Emie, I thank you for your time for reading my journal. you are definitely right and I absolutely agree with you when you say that angels come in different froms. The little boy was really an angel.


Jayan Nanyonga I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

What a beautiful story you have shared about this boy. The work you do is so important for the children, and when you share your stories here we can all learn through your experiences.


Julie Humphrey, Executive Director Her Star Scholars