Introducing myself and my journal: Think Humanity

Jim Heckel
Posted March 7, 2011 from United States

About Me: Firstly, this is NOT about me, but rather my wife and founder of Think Humanity, Beth Heckel. This is a submission for honoring a woman hero. Allow me to briefly elaborate. . .

Several years ago, my wife had a nagging discontent with the deplorable conditions in Uganda. It's a very long story, but suffice it to say that she could not stand to do nothing. To address this discontent, she started selling used and recycled books on eBay, then purchasing malaria nets for refugees in Uganda. The scale was extremely small, yet her determination caught on like wild-fire.

Think Humanity, Inc. is now an officially recognized NGO/NPO globally and has now given out over 15,000 malaria nets, established an orphanage helping over 50 homelesss children, established a girl's hostel helping over 50 young women, distributed various other medical supplies, completed 3 clean water projects and just recently established a Think Humanity Clinic for people that cannot afford health care.

All because of a dream that my wife had. To learn more, visit or call me anytime!

Jim Heckel President, Think Humanity, Inc.

My Passions: Social Injustice, helping others, My Faith, My family

My Challenges: Impatience with the status quo and wanting things changed NOW!!

My Vision for the Future: That I will be remembered for how I helped people, not how much money I made.

My Areas of Expertise: Business, business consulting, IT, Procurement, Management, Leadership, etc.

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