Medicinal plants for the future

Posted December 22, 2013 from India
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The ginkgo is the tree that blends our ecological past with hope for the future.

We arrange environmentalists with healthy, hand-grown ginkgo seedlings for soil, water and air remediation or as fire barriers, Ginkgos help indigenous species to flourish in the world without over-taking them. Since one tree can survive for 1000 years, we recommend planting wisely!

The ginkgo tree is a true survivor or " living fossil" from the Jurassic period. It saw the dinosaurs come and go and is the only living tree to survive the atomic blast at Hiroshima. It can thrive for 1000 years on polluted land while reducing taxins. Besides being a highly researched medicinal wonder, they provide disease-free ornamental shade tree or tenacious forests. They are the tree that blends our ecological history with hope for the future.

Ginkgo biloba planting material is available for distribution/purchase for Research institutions, universities, associations and NGOs and educational institutions.

For more details:The Jammu and Kashmir Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre-JKMPIC High Altitude Plant Introduction Centre's: Gulmarag, Ramban, Phalagham, Sonamarag & Kishtwar "Ginkgo House", Azizabad, Wuyan-Meej Road, Pampore PPR Jammu and Kashmir 192121 POB 667 GPO Srinagar,Residence, Srinagar SGR JK 190001 Mob:09858986794 Ph: 01933-223705 e-mail: home:

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