"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:27 (NIV, The Bible)

The world is a filthy, negative and unfair place. Not that the world is at fault, but human beings have run our society into the ground and based our most important values on the superficial: power, money and appearance. To achieve these successes, the mentality is to step on top of others, discriminate and marginalize. Women and children have been the silenced, oppressed, devalued and neglected since society came into being, all because we have an ability to accept the things we cannot change.

Something is different, a new wind is blowing. Now, there is a movement where we can stand up as women to protect our children. We can "change" the things that we have accepted in quiet submission since the beginning of time.

My vision is to help women and children (widows and orphans) find their significance, to live an abundant life unpolluted by the negative voices of this world. I believe that with a goal, an unwavering faith and unity, nothing is impossible. We can change the world!

A vision may begin with one person. Bringing positive change flowing deep into the veins of our society takes a mob. As a Voices of Our Correspondent, I can be an agent of change, a voice that unites hearts to shake the grounds of this world and expose the harsh realities. And after all crumbles, only the foundation stands, and that is LOVE. Both an immature writer and untrained, running on passion will only get my vision so far. With Voices of Our Correspondent, I can truly become that voice of change with a clear and strong message spoken to the right audience. Being a Voices of Our Correspondent gives me the opportunity to know, understand and connect to women around the world, we can share our lives together.

This is how I picture the future: From the muddy soil, against all adversities can a pure white lily, a rare gem blossom and shine. One by one we rise up and let the whole world see, all of different colours and shapes. Together brilliant flowers lights up the planet. No one can see the dirt where they came from underneath.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.

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Hello Jen,

Thank you for sharing! Your imagery here is powerful and I like how your passion for positive change comes through in your words. Helping women and children realize their potential and strive to acheive their own visions is a commendable goal. One critique I might offer, however, is that women of the world have not always been quiet and submissive victims of patriarchy. There are many examples of women's resistance in past and recent history that we can draw from for guidance and inspiration during our own struggles to acheive our diverse visions for change. And please keep in mind that there may be many more untold, or silenced, stories of resistance as well. Forums such as PulseWire, for example, have come into being because women have not had a fair opportunity in societies to tell their own stories. If there was PulseWire 50 years ago, imagine what we might have learned then! :)

Thank you again and wishing you all the best!


Thank you for the wonderful comments! =) I agree with you that women have always been strong in history and have seen women making changes in the world: Women in the World Wars; Queens and Empresses; people like Joan of Arc; fascinating women writers like Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters.. So proud of women. There was a time in Chinese history, in the Tang dynasty (618-907 BC) where women had equal liberties and voice as men. The women of Tang Dynasty conducted important businesses independently and were engaged in higher education, economic activities and politics. Women's social status had a great advancement in China due to great women at that time. Although women's status declined gradually in the next dynasties, there were still cases of independent, strong Chinese heroines.

Thank you for the reminder!

And let us continue to share the stories of resistance!

Thank you Jluoh for your views. I can hear your passion in you're writing.

I am interested to hear more about your vision. "My vision is to help women and children (widows and orphans) find their significance, to live an abundant life unpolluted by the negative voices of this world. I believe that with a goal, an unwavering faith and unity, nothing is impossible." How do you see your self going about this?

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Your writing is very descriptive and powerful. I also fight for women and orphans, so it was great to hear another thought from others. Keep up the great work and remember to also paint the picture of accomplishments in your writing as well. Always make sure to give a positive story when you are reporting on the plight of orphans, as to not let your reader become overwhelmingly disheartened. Great job!