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My name is Sister Denise Desil. I am a nurse-midwife serving the healthcare needs in rural Haiti.

When a pregnant woman visits our clinic in Baradares, she receives a check-up from the fourth through ninth months. If she presents some complication, we refer her to a hospital or other healthcare center until she gives birth. For instance, if she develops eclampsia, we refer her, depending at what stage she presents.

During her pregnancy, we administer iron, multi-vitamins or other medications if lab tests indicate. Maintaining an adequate supply of these supplements, medicines or other materials for our clinic is always a challenge.

After the mother gives birth, she receives vitamin A and breastfeeds the baby for six to twelve months. We provide postpartum follow-up for three months and continue to administer iron, multivitamins and other nutritional supplements. At the same time, the baby receives vaccinations

If I can provide more details, please let me know.

Sister Denise Desil, Little Sisters of St. Therese, denisedesil@yahoo.com

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