“I was a rebel without a cause.” These are the strong words that best describes the strong-willed children and women rights ambassador Luz Marina. Born in Bogotá, Colombia’s capital city and the hub of all political, economic and cultural life of the country fifty years ago, Luz knew that she was born for a purpose. At a tender age, she abandoned her parents and worked hard on her own, working towards a worthy cause of defending children and the rights of women in general.

Working as a real estate agent and a professional lawyer, just like her father, Luz’s great sense of humour is evident. “I live with my young 85-year old dad who is an intellectual and spends all day reading his big bookcase at home,” she says.

Born in a family of six with three brothers and three sisters, and a mother of one daughter, Luz now lives with her father after things fell apart with her marriage. “My mother died four years ago after ailing for five years. That was the time I suffered a broken marriage too,” she recounts.

But now she says she is strong, re strategizing on how best to fight the battle of liberating and empowering women and children in her country. With her daughter as her greatest strength, her ideal world is that free from violence and discrimination, a world where women and children have equal access to knowledge and information, a world free from poverty, full of love, peace and happiness. She believes that armed with journalism as her weapon, her dreams of justice and equality will come to fruition.

“If I am given a chance to live for the second time, I would like to be a singer like Edith Piaf, Mercedes Sosa or a great writer like Isabel Allende,” says she. Posing as pacific, Luz is glad that she stays in the capital that offers great opportunities for her to advance her dream.

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Joanne, you have a wonderful way of turning a phrase to bring it to life. Because I do not understand Spanish, I have not had the wonderful opportunity to get to know Luz better through her journal and so was happy to read this biography of her. I feel as if you have introduced me to a new friend and I truly enjoyed reading this piece. You captured her spirit beautifully.

Best wishes with your next interview. Janice


I could not read Luz's profile in Spanish too. But I am now happy because i know much about her after the interview exercise. I am also glad that i was able to unveil more about her to world pulse community members, including you. Please, connect to her.



We Can Do It! Joannes

Inquiring minds like mine want to know! How did your interview go? Did you speak in English/Spanish? By Skype or email?

I enjoyed your bio. I have a strong image in my head of Luz as the crusader! I also have such a lovely image of Luz with her daughter and young father. Your brought her to life. Thank you.

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

Jennifer, I am glad that i was able to bring Luz to life. Distance and language barrier could not stop me from unveiling this. By the way, i simply emailed her a set of questions and insisted that she sends the answers in English! but i had the other option too of translating her answers through the google translate option. So that could not stop me. Through her writing, i was able to figure out her mood, her general self and everything else. That is how i did it.

Thanks a lot!


We Can Do It! Joannes


I have this clear image of Luz and her father sharing their time together- her father's love of words seeping into her drive to speak truths in journalism now. You've done a wonderful job with your interview and can't wait to hear what's next.




I am glad i was able to connect you to Luz. Sure, you will read more because my mission is to use the power of journalism to unveil hidden truths and bring things to life.



We Can Do It! Joannes

Hey there, I feel that I know her. I can also relate to her dad, what is he reading right now? Her story is very interesting, her life was a journey full of ups and downs. I would love to be reincarnated as Edith Piaf,imagine me singing La vie en rose ! Oh, Isabel Allende seems like a great choice too! I can see her book, Paula , in Marina.