I mourn for the innocent and injured lives that have been caught in yesterday's bombing attacks. I mourn for that ordinary person who, in the event of struggling to board a commuter bus and run to safety home, was instead caught up in the muddle of warring forces that he/she understands nothing about. I mourn for that hungry Kenyan who cannot dare go to work because his/her workplace has been declared a no-go zone due to fear of Al shabaab attacks. I mourn for all of us who are walking in fear and anxiety on the once peaceful streets of Nairobi and the Coastal town of Mombasa. I mourn for the husbands and fathers who have gone to war, their destinies indefinite. I mourn for my people. I mourn for my country.

It is now about ten days since Kenyan soldiers went to war with our neighbouring country Somalia in an operation termed "Operation Okoa nchi" (swahili for Operation to protect the country). This was as a result of rampant cross-border kidnappings of foreigners in the country by suspected Somali's Militant Islamic group Al Shabaab. Al Shabaabs were linked to the kidnap a French woman from her home at the Kenyan Coast (she eventually died), and also two Spanish aid workers who until then, worked at Dadaab refugee Camp on the Kenya Somali boda.

But there is fear of retaliatory attacks in Nairobi's capital by the militant group after two bombing attacks within 24hours in Nairobi that has left one dead and scores injured. The police have so far cautioned the public to be vigilant and to completely avoid certain areas at the city centre as the most targeted. I mourn for this fear of the unknown; this life of uncertainty. The question on people's minds is where will the enemy target next?

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I'm greatly perturb the security situation in Kenya. Kenya should retaliate and never back down this progress.the insurgents are naturally criminal and have the guts to invade the country who is hosting millions of their people who were uprooted from their home land country.aid worker have difficulties to operate because of insecurity . i'm praying to God to take care of those who were in their hands and restore security for Kenya country.

Every One, Every Day ,Every Way, Prevent Vi0lenCE AgainST W0men On YouR Way!

Hi Joan,

Indeed terrorism thrives because of fear. Hoping this ends soon.

And just a small clarification - no bombs have been thrown in Kenya- they were hand grenades. We are not at war with Somali, we are after the Al shabab group and have permission from the SOmali government who are working with us on this exercise.

A candle looses nothing my lighting another

Hi Joanne -- Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the current situation in our country. Indeed, the situation is one of great anxiety but it's important for us not to allow fear to give way to irrationality. We can only hope that things get back to normal as soon as possible.