When i first heard of blogs some times back, the first thing that came in to my mind about bloggers is that they lacked seriousness,that they had little or no credibility. I had that rigid mindset about them such that if i was researching for anything online and i stumble upon some bloggers' views, i could rush through them, taking little or no interest in them because i already considered them as jokers.

In fact, just looking at the title of the blog could put me off especially if i was researching on some serious scholarly papers. Little did i know that such is the language of blogs although some bloggers misuse them by posting really nasty stuff. But i have come to learn that blogs can also provide very useful information from the 'horse's mouth'. I have so far learnt and changed my mindset about blogs. I have even learnt to be a blogger myself... how? through pulse wire.

As a blogger on pulsewire, i am able to post information that i believe in, get comments, interact with other bloggers... all these through the voice. Whereas at first i thought of the language of bloggers as lacking seriousness, i have now come to appreciate that keeping it simple is the best strategy in blogging in order to incite action, provoke, to joggle minds... it is simplicity especially in the language that draws more attention and causes a chorus of responses.

As a present blogger, the language and how best to engage readers has been my challenge. But i have so far learnt that the KISS strategy is the best solution. I have also changed my mindset... i am able to interact with other people from different networks globally through my personal journal on pulse wire. I call it my blog.

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Dear Joannes,

I had the privilege to read your third essay for Voices of the Future. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on bloggers. It is nice to read how you progressed from not taking bloggers seriously to being one yourself! Simplicity is indeed a very successful strategy to talk about real life (from the horses mouth). But just because something is simple does not mean it is not important or worthwhile! The stories that we communicate are very important and finding the right language, as you say, is part of that. Good luck as you continue writing and finding your unique voice!

with kindness, Carly Diaz


Thanks for your encouraging words. Blogs have just become sources of information that we can't do without them. As you mention, simplicity does not necessarily mean worthless... it is just one way of talking about real life. Thanks.

We Can Do It! Joannes


Your post spoke to me as we have had the same experience. I spend a great deal of time doing research and until very recently, I have discounted blogs as a source of legitimate information. I know use it when it is appropriate but still need to validate it or qualify it as opinion instead of fact. However, it is helpful to consider the opinion of others that are posted in blogs.

Simplicity is extremely important when articulating your story. You have done a great job of talking about your growth and evolving attitude towards blogging and understand the benefits of expressing yourself with this medium. Great job!


Gemma, Thanks very much. you know at first i thought i was the only one who had been hard on bloggers. i could not stand any information posted on blogs, one because of the simplicity of the language and two, because i always thought the information posted on blogs is never important... but how wrong! As you mention, it is important to consider people's opinions... they may not necessarily be facts. Thanks alot and see you on Pulsewire.

We Can Do It! Joannes