Female Nurses to be trained to circumcise males...

Joanne Wanjala
Posted July 16, 2009 from Kenya

There is a new wave of shock in town from the male quarters concerning the the government's move to train female nurses to circumcise. This announcement was made recently by the Ministry of Public Health to train and involve women in circumcising men. This is to cub the shortage of trained personnel in that field especially among the non-circumcising communities, due to high demand.

Mass Male Circumcision (MMC) campaign was initiated last year by the Kenyan government in a bid to cut down the rates of HIV contraction. According to statistics from National Aids/ STI Control Programme (Nascop), uncircumcised males are more prone to HIV contractions than those who are circumcised.

It is interesting how men are reacting to this move. According to most whom i interviewed, such matters are secret quarters and women, whether trained or not, are totally forbidden. Most say they cannot trust women, because they are bound to share their experience with fellow women.

But the begging question is, what difference does it make when males go to hospital for a stitch or an STD infection, and are attended to by females? Do women go against any professional ethics?

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