Upcoming Documentary: Hip Hop Dance in Rio de Janeiro!

Jocelyn Edelstein
Posted November 3, 2011 from United States

In 2005 I arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to study dance and work with a non-profit organization that provided extra-curricular activities to youth living in favela communities. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a six year journey that involved various trips to and from Brazil. Little did I know I would have the good fortune of learning and training alongside a wise and talented group of young hip hop dancers and that they would gift me with their trust as I filmed their evolution from excited young kids, to admired leaders and teachers in their community. I have had the joy of spending the last six years of my life following the story of this community and am currently in post production for our feature length documentary, Believe The Beat.

I am working with a small team based out of Brazil and Oregon and the passion shared amongst the people involved in this project has been truly transformative. Believe The Beat will be the first release from the Urban Body Project, a collective I founded that seeks to use creative collaboration and multi-media tools to illuminate the relationships between dance, culture and community.

We recently launched a kickstarter campaign to raise the final funds we need to see this film through post production and bring it into the world! To check out Believe The Beat visit www.kickstarter.com and search, Believe The Beat. You can also find more about the Urban Body Project at www.urbanbodyproject.com.

Here is to our collective community, dancing around the fire to tell our human stories, raising our dreams up!

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