I have been inspired by so many women in this community regarding lovely idea sharing. So I wanted to share a few of my favorite things in life. I welcome you all to share and tell as well.

I love riding my bike. The world looks subtly different on a bike. The slow rhythm of the ride, the breeze of the wind dancing through my hair and clothes. Picking berries and wandering through peach orchards. I have found the most peaceful moments amongst the trees and rivers and rocks. Laughing. with friends, with strangers, with family. I feel the vibrations of connection and humanity in laughter. Meeting new people, all over the world. New friends each day, and carrying the new and the old in my heart. Such a lovely weight. Friendship is so precious. Traveling. This big beautiful world is so stunning. I am small amongst it all. I love languages, cultures, and new foods. Yummy yummy foods. Indian, Thai, Ethiopian, Afgani, Kazakh, Ukrainian, Tibetan, Peruvian...so many more. I love to try to cook these foods also-this is still a work in progress:) Music. What is this world without music? Reading. reading books, poetry, newspapers, journal posts. I am so blessed to have my eyes and ability to read. I love to read everything I can. I also believe it's so crucial to find ways to help others who are unable to read. I think literacy is so important. Foreign films. The Mirror(Zerkalo)-Russian, The Insect Woman-Japanese, The Edukators-German, Kanal-Polish, and many many others. Meditation. I believe our spirits and energy is so powerful. We are mighty in our minds, our hearts and in our spirits.

So many other daily delights. I think that life is so full of beauty and discovery. I'd love to hear other peoples loves.


You've inspired me with your many, many loves in life! You are a multi-dimensional woman who is going for the gusto. I too love to travel- So. America, Vietnam, Thailand, Latin America- in a few weeks Scotland, Ireland, England, and Germany. Reading feeds my soul in a quiet, steady way...I'm often the most content when I am in the middle of an engrossing novel. My favorite lately- A Fine Balance by Rohinton Minstry about India in the 1970s through the eyes of colorful characters- an epic sort of novel. I too love to cook and try new foods- just in the San Juan Islands where we had beautiful food straight from the Inn's garden and farm. I also treasure time in my big, lovely garden with its many vegetables, berries, flowers, and herbs. It's been struggling through the past days of intense heat, but seems to by okay. And I am blessed to have a fun, caring, gorgeous man to share intimate, caring days who is a grounding, steady force in my life.

So fun to share great joys in life.

Warm wishes,


Yes, i much agree with you when you say that "life is full of beauty and discovery". i love your post! The loves of my life? Many things:

-I love to reflect deeply, meditate and to pray at the beach. -i love to Brainstorm, plan and put ideas on paper -i love to write in my diary about my daily experiences-pouring out my highs and lows my tears and smiles as well us sights and sounds in my community. -i love to read and to learn new things -I love to travel, meet new people and build relationships -i love to teach, coach and mentor children, young people. - I love to have fun with friends but i struggle to make time for that.

warm smiles and greetings, Gifty

 Founder - Greight Foundation Inc.