Free Iranian Student-Majid Tavakoli!

Posted December 13, 2009 from United States

Iranian student, Majid Tavakoli was arrested for protesting and passing around pamphlets against the Iranian government. After retaining him in prison, with the intention to humiliate him, the government took photographs of him dressed as a woman and released these to the public. In response to this action, thousands of Iranian countrymen, dressed in the hajib, the proper dress for women, and took photographs and made them their facebook profile photos, as protest. There is a compiled video of this pacifist action. Check out the articles and video on this controversial issue.

Global Voices Online:

Facebook Free Majid Tavakoli Cause:

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran; Majid Tavakoli story:

What an impressive way to make pacifist statements against human rights violations! Impressive and powerful.

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