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Dear World/Members. its always a Pleasure for a Person to show up the God given Talents through his name,

l am a Ugandan Talented Traditional Photographer and a youth volunteer coordinator here in uganda wamala village.

Its been my Blessing to have Lord in heart and it will always be through his lovely name.

Many you can become my Partner/Friends through visiting my website

Respect always Belongs for those with Mercy and Faith in heart

May the almighty name of Jesus Bless you!

Sincerely in his Service Johnson ssempijja

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These are wonderful pictures! You are a very talented photographer—can you explain a bit about what's happening in these pictures? I especially love the top images, with the women in the peach dresses!

Thanks for your warm note.l am so glad to hear from you with a great hopefull and with a very respected way you have wrote to me,may his name bless you. about the three women you sow on my website,yes those are the true tradional and cultural Dancer based at my Village and at times they Perform at Wedding Ceremoms/Parties around Kampala as the city of Uganda.and l am also looking for People who can also be there to put a hand of Support to ensure many Young Talented Women at the Viilage l hope you can become one of our Members based there.Please feel free to contact me, visit

Yours In Christ Johnson Ssempijja