I love being a single mom at times its difficult and at times its lonely; however being a single mom gives me strength it defines me. I look back and see how my daughter have grown, and how they have become two beautiful young women. I thank the creator that i was able to flee from an abusive husband, and begin my life over again. My daughters are apart of my smile, they are apart of the beat of my heart, and they allow my eyes to shine. Seven years ago my girls and I started our adventure; we began our new life. The ups and downs of being a single mom has been fun for us all. We have learned to work together, we have learned to live without, and we have lived in world of no abuse. I am proud of my daughter Cashmere for becoming a young women who is aware of her importance in the world around her. She uses her voice against abuse. She is a friend to everyone and her spirit is filled with happiness that spills onto everyone that meets her. My daughter Tayia is my inspiration. She has over come obstacles that few can achieve. With one leg she is skilled in gymnastics and never gives up. She continues to fight in her academics despite a learning disability and inspires every teacher, student she meets. I am thankful that i have my girls. I am thankful for the chance to be a single mom. I pray for all the single parents in the world who are raising children alone. Remember we are never really alone. We have each other, and we have our communities, we have our friends and we have our extended family more important we have our children. They are the reason we continue; they are they reason we are the parents we are.

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Hi Joijoi

Just wanted to say thank you for posting this. It's really inspiring and encouraging. I am at the crossroads of making a similar choice and it helps to know that the "unknown" isn't so fearful and so unknown.

You're truly blessed!