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Hello All,

I just wanted to pass on the opportunity of a lifetime!

There are many self-help classes out there. Most of which you need to pay a lot of money.

This is such a great class, and such an opportunity for all of us to learn as much as we can about being the best person we can be, and it is FREE!

If you do not have a TV, that is okay, you can do it online.

Recently Oprah started a new TV Network called OWN. (Oprah Winfrey Network)

I have seen many self-help Gurus try to create a successful cable channel, but for whatever reason they did not work.

It is Oprah's dedication and her history in TV, along with her willingess to invest her time and money I am sure, that makes this a possibility for all of us.

I encourage you to check it out! http://www.Oprah.com/lifeclass

Oprah has clips on going to help in Africa, and many, many other issues that relate to WorldPulse.com participants' global issues. Lets use this forum to help give some solutions to the problems that our sisters are experiencing.

Last night there was a very touching story of two girls from Rwanda that had been separated from their parents during the genocide. After 12 years, Oprah was able to unite them with their parents. Now one daughter is going to Yale University. There are so many stories like that in so many different areas of everyone's lives.

And, if you would like to help me to get Oprah involved in "AVE! Movement," I invite you to sign up for her class, and please "facebook and twitter" her to check it out for herself by typing in:

Please check out AVE! MOVEMENT at http://www.HighestVisionMagazine.com!

Thank you so much for your help and support of my vision for all of us, and thanks World Pulse for allowing me the forum to state my Vision for Women in Circles of Love Around the World!

love, joya

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Hello Joya,

It is nice to hear from you through your reading again it really took my attention especially your article talking about OPrah Winfrey, It is been long time since her FareWell season and I didnot hear from her or what is she doing now! I used to watch Oprah Winfrey Shaw daily afternoons or in evenings, She was such an amazing person bringing about all kind of issues on TV and sharing them world wide each topic was more exciting than the other daily and now I ma very happy to know she is having her own TV network again OWN!!

And thank you so much for sharing this on pulse wire....

Yours, Lanja