The Web 2.0 communication platform generally excites me a lot. I specifically enjoy using the search engines because I am able to access so much information from all over the world through a click of a button. Google, for example, is very effective when I need trusted information on something that I am not sure about, or just want to know more about it. There are very many options from Google on what one is looking for, as well as related information.

With Web 2.0, the global women’s empowerment movement has, and continues, to be propelled to women from various cultures of the world. I feel this platform particularly allows an African woman to have a voice on issues such as sexual relationships and gender biasness, that ordinarily most of our cultures do not allow us to talk about because these are considered to be taboo subjects.

I appreciate the existence of Web 2.0 because with it, I can not only tell my story in both words and pictures, but also have the advantage of uploading video clips on YouTube that will illustrate what I have to share with women all over the world.

The social networks such as facebook and twitter are an added advantage to my interaction worldwide. I get to chat with fellow women on our diverse cultures and the challenges that we face in the communities we come from. I have, for instance, learnt several food recipes through facebook pages such as pika chakula. When I have had a tough day and/or just need some spiritual motivation, I have various pages and groups that are both religious and social, such as Whole Woman Network and Godly Woman Daily that inspire and encourage me as a woman to push on with life.

I have been able to find so many solutions to issues facing me and other women through interactive news sites. Through these sites, women from all over the world share issues and discuss them genuinely without fear or intimidation that may happen through a focus group discussion or other forums that requires physical presence of an individual.

Through some social groups on facebook I have been able to effectively contribute to discussions in my native language because the groups have been created specifically for members of that community and maybe those who understand that language. These forums have allowed me and other women to address the cultural issues that affect women of our community, and in most cases we have come up with effective solutions to these problems.

Given the above explanation, I believe Web 2.0 is instrumental in the global women’s empowerment movement in many ways. Many women all over the world should be encouraged to use this platform in ways that they are comfortable with.

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It's the interactivity that separates web 2.0 from the conventional internet sources. Social networking sites has done wonders in bridging the gap between people and communities.

Regards, Aminah

Salaam Aminah

As you say, no longer are our ideas confined to the small community around us. If there are five in our neighbourhood who reject our vision, there are thousands across the world who love it and want to know more. We can now draw upon the wisdom, expertise, thoughts and ideas of millions to: help us in our work; to say "yes"; to push us to make our solutions stronger; to encourage us to spak out; and to give us the courage to be true to who we are.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I look forward to reading more from you.

I totally agree with you that Web 2.0 is instrumental in the global women’s empowerment movement. Listening to voices of women from all over the world sharing experiences and discussing positive solutions genuinely without fear or intimidation gives me a picture that is more real than what I can get from reading an article in mainstream media, I can really learn a lot and I am more and more hopeful about our future, thank you.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. As you mentioned WEB 2.0 gives women the opportunity to be free and talk about their experiences, issues and struggles and to connect with other women and empathize with each other. It also gives us the opportunity to come together as a community and to support each other in working towards solutions and how to further empower women globally.

Thank you again!

Warm regards,



Thanks so much for the encouragement. Every positive word gives me strength to carry on in this journey of speaking for the voiceless.

Joyce Jael Kafu

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