They say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But where was the beholder when God was creating you 'fearfully and wonderfully', after his own image. In my many encounters with women of different ages, I have realized the constant need for acceptance by the yardstick set somewhere in the West. They just are never good enough and most of them always have a past that has fed them this lie. I at one point in my life was a victim of low self-esteem and always told myself that nothing good can ever come from me. It has been a long road from then to this day and a lot changed when I began to talk to myself and remind myself daily of how beautiful I am. I have had lot of encouragement from The Tyra and Oprah shows which focus on reminding young girls of how beautiful they are and empowering them to do greater things. I have counseled with girls who presented very low esteem and denial to the point of seeking acceptance in men by giving themselves to them. At the end of the day they felt much worse about themselves but the momentary feeling of acceptance keeps them going back and it becomes like an addiction to them. My appeal is to you all; in your various capacities and by virtue of being in this site, kindly take this as an individual burden in your area. We need to encourage this young girls to take pride in who they are so that they can come to realize their full potential. Let them know that they are their own beholders!

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Joyomosh, welcome—thank you for allowing us to read your story. I think we all struggle with self esteem at times, and it is stories of those like you who have drawn strength from others to overcome that gets us through! I too enjoy the Oprah show and watch it whenever I get the chance. You are absolutely right—it is our job as empowered women to work to empower the generation below us; and the generation above who may not have had the encouragement and support we have had.

All the best to you, Corine

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Hi Corine, It is people like you that I wrote that piece for. You sound like a person who has a passion for girls. I really want to reach out to all girls but I am a bit shot-handed (lol). If you could lend a hand and impact positive change on at least one girl, the world will be grateful. I have seen firsthand how life can be if a woman is not comfortable in her own skin. I will add you to my community and I hope we will correspond often and help each other out in this task. Thanks