Skinny and tanned

Juana Munoz
Posted November 28, 2012 from Colombia

In the beginning of a cold and snowy Minnesota winter, it's hard to stay awake past 5pm and even harder to force yourself into physical action. It's always a challenge to get myself to the gym, but I managed to separate some time for it and gather my little will power yesterday. As I was stretching I overheard some college girls talking about how they too had a hard time getting themselves to workout. What makes it harder, they said, was having to workout next to the skinny, tanned girls. They're all so thin and strong, their makeup so natural and their hair so in place. And out of maybe 15 empty bikes she has to pick the one right next to me!

At the moment I thought how silly they sounded. I turned to look at them, both pretty girls with brown hair and slim bodies. So normal, so healthy looking. Why on earth would they want to be the the girl who's perfectly tanned in November, in Minnesota? Why would you prefer to spend the time and money it takes to hide yourself behind makeup and made-up hair, even when you're going to the gym to sweat?

I should have told them they were fine as they were, they should not want to be another fake tanned blonde. But who am I to tell them what is desirable, when everyone and everything else suggests otherwise?

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