Humility Vs. Democracy

Posted September 30, 2010 from Kenya

Developing unclear relationships within the workplace can most of the time be critical. One would find it a necessity to well understand the different personalities that in many other literatures have been talked about and guidelines given on how to go about the same. I am not going to talk about that rather touch on two things that are interesting and should be keenly looked into even if not by those among us subscribing to a religious faith.

Interestingly, while in the workplace, most personalities as I would wish to refer to us in this piece would in rare occasions act in manners likely to suggest that other personalities are not in the same class as they are. This is not necessarily meant to illustrate a class in terms of job titles or remunerations but generally that of surviving as a typical Kenyan. The reality though is as painful as a sting from a wasp.

I know of a young woman who works with an inspiration that has over the years since I knew her affected the very wisdom I feel I hold; to what degree, I am not sure. Her son means everything to her world and this is the very reason why she is an iron I wouldn’t want to throw a spear at. The bouncing effect may just leave me imbalanced! Known mostly by her son’s name in her workplace, she has had to take enough challenges and meet them head on. I realize that for her, it is not about the mountain because there will always be so many of those and she will always want to climb them. She takes each day as an up-hill battle, not for what is waiting for her on the other side but for the climb.

Humility as it were The climb…… I want to radiate this more from her talk than my understanding. I must admit I am among those who see the mountain and forget that the climb is really what matters. As one climbs up, you are bound to first have the faith that you will get to the top. Having the faith is far most important. Then the faith without the patience instigated by action is as good as waiting for the river to stop flowing for you to cross to the other side; swim for God’s sake!

Alright you have the resources that you need to climb this mountain, yet remember that you are not the first to climb it neither will you be the last! Those who climbed it before know the route that is not most convenient for your situation. You too are most definitely going to learn that there is a bird of its kind that does not like humans within this mountain. This calls for, and farfetched if you want to call it; humility. You need your manager to tell you that you misspelt his title in your reference letter- you may just not get the better job you are applying for; the gateman needs your signature as you come into the office- otherwise you are conceitedly jeopardizing their job ; the receptionist isn’t your friend but she smiled to you today, didn’t she? Be generous enough and offer a smile back.

We all have egos that can produce magma if interrupted or ignored. Knowing this and borrowing from the wisdom and knowledge of wise men we want to believe will be modernized someday, humility really carries the order of the day in the workplace. If the cook is humble enough to make you tea in the morning not because you are better than them in ranking but for the fact that you are busy and needs some warmth, your report will reach the supervisor’s desk right in time for them to submit it to the relevant higher authorities. Look at it this way, the director signs the pay roll cheque in time for your salaries, why give him the headache of running after the report?

Democracy in this sense Well, this applies well in governance. According to Wikipedia, governance is the activity of governing which relates to decisions that then defines expectations, grant power or verify performance. And these include management and leadership.

Performance.…… When getting into employment, it is important to note that there are expectations that must be met, in time! Meeting such expectation or failure to amounts to then a rating on one’s performance. Meeting the target is well in line with your job description but are you doing it well enough to warrant praise from your employer? The very fact that your employer has the power to employ or fire you should not be the motivation to work and engage in meaningful relations in the workplace. Instead, focus more on the learning and unlearning, giving and receiving, gaining and succeeding and the difference between these comparisons. Hence knowing that one learns so much in their job than what they lose, strive to write the report, clean the office, go on errands and even smile like your life depended on whatever it is you do.

Governance if seasoned with humility will not give you gold so that defiantly you resign from your job, it will give you habits that will make you the employee of the year!


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  • Waringa
    Sep 30, 2010
    Sep 30, 2010

    You have put pen to whatever that you have obviously observed in the workplace. I think it is up to us to really evaluate our actions and how we relate with each other in the workplace. Waiting to hear more from you!

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