Hi All,

As requested during this morning's conference call, here are the second round logo concepts in black and white.

I think I'll email these two pdfs to all members of the group.




PDF icon poto_mitan_logo_4_bw.pdf
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Hi Julie

I have a strong preference for number three- the type treatment is quite nice and I like the curvy siren much more than the straighter one.

The only suggestion I have would be to add the stars from logo no. 1 - or a combo of grey and clear/outlined stars to give that logo a sense of 'future' that you get from no.1

if the stars make it too busy, then maybe consider putting a trumpet and a single grey star in No. 3 siren's hand.

Anne-christine d'Adesky Director of Global Advocacy 3345 22nd street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Mobilizing Women and Girls to Fight HIV/AIDS

Dear Julie, AC, and All,

I'm laughing here, because--in the multi-colored form--I prefer a couple of the other designs, including #2 and #5. I read the first sentence of AC's feedback, looked at #3, and said to myself: "I like that in b/w, but would like it even better if the mermaid had a star in one hand and a trumpet in the other" :)))! Then I returned to write my feedback, and read the rest of AC's comments. Bingo!!!

My own suggestion would be for the star to be in--or on top of--her left hand (as we're looking at the pic), and the trumpet in her right hand, extended horizontally as though she will be blowing it at any moment (even though her face is turned in the opposite direction for the time being :)).

Greatest thanks for the beautiful and evocative designs, Julie, and hope we'll be able to choose one soon! All best wishes and appreciation, Janet

I am excited to see which design the group goes with. I will be working with Anne-christine and the group to build a page here on PulseWire where Poto Mitan can have some visibility and where all of the organizations within Poto Mitan can be recognized.

I suggest that you go with two logos - one that is a banner shaped size that can display across the top of a page, and another that is square sized. It will be helpful for creating the page here on PulseWire and for referencing in a sidebar, as well as on the current group page, etc. And may come in handy latter down the road as well.

I am blown away by the enthusiasm, compassion and determination of this group!

Warm regards, Jade