The following memory was sent to me after posting a previous account of domestic violence. Like the first woman, the sender preferred to remain anonymous.

A Memory From Childhood

"About 21 years ago I watched my mother suffer at the hands of my step-father. She constantly complained to the police but they never did anything.

One day he started beating on her and I could just hear her screaming and crying. She called out for me and I ran to her rescue. He never hit her infront of me. When I got to her, she begged me to go to my bestfriend's house and call the police. I did just as she asked.

I called the police and they told me, a crying child, that they don't respond to domestic cases. I was devastated. For sure I thought he was going to kill her and I didn't want to lose my mom. I cried all the more and just ran back home to 'save' her.

Its only when my mom had enough she took it upon herself to go to the police station and she told them that if they didn't do something about her situation, she will. After that threat, the police came right away! And they warned him to stay away from her.

I'm sharing this story to show you that things clearly haven't changed when it comes to protecting the women and children of Barbados.

I really hope we can change the way domestic disputes are viewed in the eyes of the law." - Barbadian woman